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20 Questions to Ask a Franchisor

The Irish Franchise Associations have published 20 questions you should ask a Franchisor before you make the decision to buy into a franchise – reproduced here, with kind permission of the Irish Franchise Association. If you are considering joining a franchise you will need to carry out due diligence before […]

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You Could Grow Your Business Through Franchising

Ulster Bank has many years experience of working with Franchises in the Irish market. This second article on Franchising explores the concept of growing your established business through Franchising. Business Take-Stock You’ve built up a business, its now profitable, generating an income, employing some people – you’ve successfully come through […]

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Is Apple Inc. Starting to Shrink?

Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) share price has started rising after a particularly poor showing in 2015. However, the rough patch the company endured during the last few months has seen many investors in the forex and binary options trading scene question the viability of the tech giant as a growth-focused stock. […]

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Should Marketing and HR Be More Coordinated?

How closely does your marketing department work with the HR department? Probably not particularly closely, they aren’t necessarily two departments that you would automatically put hand-in-hand. But, in fact, they should be working together very closely in order to maximize company value, according to new research.   A new paper […]

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Are We Over Grazing With Our Approach to Marketing?

In Garrett Hardin’s paper ‘The Tragedy of the Commons’ (1968) he describes the depletion of a shared resource (the commons), by individuals (herdsmen), acting rationally (adding more of their own cattle to graze), leading to the overall depletion of the resource (over grazing of the commons). What makes sense for […]

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Ransomware: How to Respond to Locky

Computer hacking continues to grow in sophistication. It’s a constant arms race between security professionals and criminals who wish to cause harm. This battle leaves businesses, hospitals, and other entities that store sensitive data in a rough spot. If there is no absolutely sure way to prevent attacks, how should […]

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Small Business Talent Management Keys

Talent Management: Why is talent management so beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses? Interestingly enough, the reasons are remarkably similar to why bigger and more well-known companies benefit from them, only with small businesses the valuable perks are more immediately obvious to the objective observer. To begin with, it’s absolutely […]

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