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Are you Prepared for a Revenue Audit?

A Revenue audit covers income tax, corporation tax, and returns submitted in respect of PAYE/PRSI, VAT or Relevant Contracts Tax. Every employer needs to keep a full and accurate record of business transactions for a period of 6 years. As a customer of Tailored Payroll we will guide you through […]

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eLearning – Super Fast and Very Efficient

eLearning has become a key feature within organizations instead of the traditional classroom training techniques, the main driving force behind companies moving towards eLearning is the cost, with an estimated 85% of every pound spent on classroom training, spent delivering it. The costs are so high with classroom training due […]

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Improve eCommerce Conversion Rate

Poor user experience is one of the top reasons that people leave websites without purchasing. In fact, 25 percent of shoppers will leave a website if it is too difficult to use. One of the areas where customers find a website offers a poor user experience is during the checkout […]

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Ways to Strengthen Customer Relations

Regardless of whether you run a PR agency or a fashion boutique, customer loyalty plays a key role in your company’s success. After all, the energy it takes to retain your current clientele should be substantially less than the necessary effort to recruit new buyers. What’s more, a fiercely allegiant […]

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B2B e Commerce, the Emerging Market

B2B e Commerce: Are you looking forward to acquire established and high-paying B2B clients? Be it B2C or B2B customers, both the segments demand a few basic values- transparency, immediacy and convenience. When we are considering the B2B category, remember, business buyers are also consumers. They’re acting on behalf of […]

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Sterling Confounds the Sceptics!

While I wouldn’t describe myself as a Sterling (Stg) sceptic, I have to confess that back in January my forecast for the beginning of Q2 2015 was that Stg would be trading around the .8000 level, a spectacularly poor call when compared to today’s .7150. Where did I go wrong? […]

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Think Like Your Customer to Drive More Sales

One strategy to drive sales is to think like your customer and not just like a marketer. The customer is often considered the most important person in any business venture. Without the customer, there is no business. Marketing specialists are therefore very vital people in a business organization. They are […]

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Local SEO Guide for Small Businesses

Follow our local SEO guide below to increase engagement with your customers online. The big marketing buzz these days is local SEO, and you’re probably wondering what the big deal is. After all, isn’t traditional marketing enough to attract customers? The answer is, no, traditional marketing is no longer enough […]

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Handling your Payroll – Save Time and Money

As payroll Taxes account for more Revenue to the Exchequer than VAT and Corporation Tax combined we understand why an accurate P35 submission is imperative. Fear not Tailored Payroll can help you simplify the year end process. As well as processing payroll for numerous companies we also offer a one […]

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Fraud Prevention for Small Businesses

According to statistics released by the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) for 2014,  “28.8% of all companies with less than 100 employees are victims of fraud with an average loss of $154,000.” Additionally, 77% of all the frauds covered by the study came from internal departments such as accounting, […]

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TenderScout Infographic

Supplier Procurement Survey 15 Infographic – The top 10 observations

The TenderScout Survey provides insight and illuminates the world of public procurement as seen by those most impacted – small and medium enterprises! This highlights of this survey undertaken with Amarach Research include: 22% of companies don’t request a debrief from the buyer – they are unlikely to ever improvetheir performance 43% […]

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