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Leadership Lessons Learnt From the Gaming Industry

The video game industry generates $100 billion in revenue every year. It’s also a competitive market, where consumers are constantly pushing for new games and new ways to play those games. Keeping a business thriving in this market takes some big ideas, and big leaders to push those ideas forward. […]

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5 Unexpected Ways You Can Grow Your Business

There’s an endless stream of business advice out there. The blogs you follow probably have ten daily tips on how you can run your business, much of which was already discussed in business school (if you attended). All the advice always boils down to the same principles – focus on […]

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Score Your Survival Ability

The ability to reinvent yourself and reinvent your organisation will be one of the most important competencies to master in the 21st century. Weathering the storms of creative disruption. Dealing with the shock waves coming your way. Are you a melting iceberg? A survey by The Global Centre for Digital Business […]

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Handy Tools to Excel at Client Servicing

Just as you’re about to close the deal and finalize things, the client calls “I just remembered, I need to make a few amendments. Can you send an updated statement to our address?” and your day turns becomes rather unpleasant. But there’s no alternative. Keeping clients satisfied is a priority […]

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