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Is Your Start-Up Ripe For a Pivot? Find Out!

Less than 10% of start-ups “pivot their business model between round A and 3 years after an IPO”. However, according to Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures the number is higher than that as he says that 17 of 26 companies “made complete transformations or partial transformations of their businesses” […]

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Partners in Export, Growth and Support

Ulster Bank is sponsoring the British Irish Chamber conference for the next 3 years. Eddie Cullen explains that Ulster Bank has deep roots with the UK, going back to 1917. Ulster Bank was started in 1836 as a bank for and by exporters and to promote trade between Ireland and […]

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The Future of E-commerce for SMEs

Since the late 2000s e-commerce has grown at a rapid rate. Innovations have been pioneered by big players in the market and due to advances in technology small retailers have been able to adopt these innovations also. With companies such as Shopify providing e-commerce solutions and market places such as […]

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The 3 Best Online Marketing Techniques

Online marketing is huge for every type of business. As most people are connected to the web 24/7 via their smartphone, tablet or PC; making the most of your online marketing is crucial. There are many ways to go about conducting online marketing for your business. However, I have narrowed […]

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6 Tips to Keep Your Motivation High in Business

If you are running your own business and are a devoted entrepreneur, then you might feel overwhelmed sometimes. Being at the top of the game is not easy, but remember, it was not easy getting there either. Working-out, setting up a to-do list and resolving issues one-by-one, staying positive and […]

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Tips for Getting Paid On Time

Good accounting system and routine. Do you actively manage your business cash flow or does the lack of cash govern the way you manage your business? A tighter credit control system can help a business to identify potential bad debts and take appropriate steps to reduce them, and ultimately get […]

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