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Tips for More Effective Interviewing in 2017

The job market is in an upswing, which is welcome news for both employers and employees. For those who are doing the hiring, it’s important to understand the latest trends associated with bringing on new staff. This starts with improved recruitment strategies and a better employee experience. Business leaders often […]

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How to Stay Consistent with Your Blogging

We all have heard the importance of blogging. Some use it to build their personal brand. Some use it to generate leads. But everyone suffers the same fate… writer’s block and inconsistency. This post is written to provide you tips in how to blog consistently and find ways to create […]

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Small Business Security: Protecting Customer Data

In 2015, 2.5 million data security breaches occurred in the UK, 74 percent of which affected small businesses. This 14 percent increase over the number of incidents in 2014 highlights the necessity of establishing strong security measures to keep customer data safe. Get Your Act Together The Data Protection Act […]

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Small Businesses Boosted by Ecommerce

The Capital Economics SME Growth Tracker suggests that small businesses using digital tools and e-commerce had more positive outlooks compared to firms that weren’t completely embracing the modern digital economy. The Growth Tracker is commissioned by Amazon UK and Enterprise Nation, and it showed small businesses making use of e-commerce […]

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How to Change an Employee’s Negative Behaviors

If your employees aren’t behaving in a way you would like, you have two choices: fire and replace them or try to change their behavior. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re acting unprofessional or are unproductive, but it may mean they approach tasks with a defeatist attitude or don’t seem to […]

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Is the UK’s Digital Economy Bill Anti-Business

The Digital Economy Bill aims to tackle a growing number of digital communications infrastructure issues. The bill’s overall goal is to speed up broadband access in the UK, protect children from adult content, penalise nuisance calls, and address Internet copyright infringement. The Digital Economy Bill would appear to help consumers […]

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