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10 crucial “Questions of Profitability”

You know all the common excuses: the slowing economy, the government policies, the marketing clutter, the low customer confidence…

So forget the excuses and instead – Learn how to set yourself apart from your competition.

10 crucial questions
Ask yourself the 10 crucial “Questions of Profitability”. Then learn how to increase profits through your customers, suppliers, employees, and processes.

1. What do I want more of now?
2. Where and how am I going to find my number one key profitable client?
3. Am I busy or effective right now?
4. What three actions can I take right now to increase profitability?
5. What do I know I should be doing right now?
6. What does profitability mean to me?
7. What would make me more profitable?
8. Who can I get to help me?
9. Do I know someone who is extremely profitable that I can model?
10. How can I increase the number of customers?

Post by Paul Davis,