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The 15 Best Tools for Collecting Customer Feedback for Small Business

Understanding what your clients think about your business, products, and services are vital to anyone looking to find ways to grow a business. That is to say that collecting customer feedback is essential to any company.

But, as a small business, you know you can’t afford doing it wrong, at it might cost you too much time and money. And you don’t want to upset your clients with inconvenient methods. So you need to know which tools are the best for you.

Luckily enough, there are several options available with a broad range of prices and solutions. And, you might not have realised that other online and offline tools are at your disposal as well, and they still can give you plenty of valuable information.

To help you on this journey, you will find below a selection of the best online and offline tools to collect customer feedback for small business. Let’s have a look at them.

Paid online tools

Firstly, here is a selection of ten best paid online tools so that you can choose your favourites and make your feedback collection even more professional:


# 1 – Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat let you create straightforward and personalised surveys. They claim that their model will ensure you a response rate of 60% and that you will get an email notifying about “at-risk customers” straight away.


# 2 – Survey Gizmo

Survey Gizmo is a professional survey and form builder that will allow you to collect any data you want from your clients. The survey can be conducted in any language and any country, and it comes with several analysis tools.


# 3 – MyCustomerFeedback

MyCustomerFeedback is a cloud-based platform that provides with tools focused on complaint and feedback management. It will capture and record any complaints from first to final contact so that you can have immediate control over them.


# 4 – Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a free tool for creating and distributing surveys – of course, you can pay for extra features. They are a leader in their industry, so you can’t go wrong with them.


# 5 – GetSatisfaction

With GetSatisfaction, you can create your own online customer community, giving to them the best channel to talk to you, look for support, and leave feedback. The technology behind their solution is reliable and easy to use so that you will enjoy it as much as your customers.


# 6 – Hively

If you aren’t a fan of surveys, you will love Hively solution to collect customer feedback. It will provide you with tools that will let you know what you need in real time. And your clients will only need to click once to get it done.


# 7 – Typeform

But if you still want to keep the forms, and just want to make them more friendly, then you should have a look at Typeform. They promise to give to you most forms created by humans to humans, which are much more efficient than conventional models.


# 8 – will not only help you to capture customer feedback but also to analyse and qualify it. Using Net Promoter Score System, you will know who and how many are your most valuable customers and be ready to take action.


# 9 – SuggestionBox

SuggestionBox will help you to create your own customer online community where you can grab crucial information to your business. It will also track your social media accounts and capture qualitative and quantitative data that can help you to make better decisions.


# 10 – OpinionLab

OpinionLab offers several resources to provide real-time and improved customer feedback combined with the context you need so to answer you as quickly as possible. And your client will only have to click on one icon to leave their feedback.

Online tools that you already have

Ok, now that you find out the ten best online tools for collection customer feedback, it is time for you to have a look at your own business and check what you already have in your belt that can help you on it.

Considering the shape of the market nowadays, it is likely that you got these three tools below:

# 1 – A website

# 2 – Social media accounts

# 3 – A blog

And they combined can provide you with relevant information regarding your clients’ satisfaction. Just looking at the analytics of your website and blog, you will know if you are on the right path. And the comments on your blog content and social media accounts are an endless source of complaints and compliments for you.

And the offline solutions

Plus, if you run an offline business, you can always go for an offline solution. They can add to your high-tech tools by reaching a different audience. And they are, as follow:

# 1 – Suggestion box

# 2 – Paper-based surveys

Yes, the old-fashioned suggestion box still works, and some clients might even be intrigued if you don’t have one. And it is always a good idea to leave a paper-based survey nearby the cashier, in the restrooms, or by the entrance/exit door.

Final advice: Just ask

As you can see, it will not be for a lack of options that you won’t get feedback from your clients. There are solutions for any need, industry, and budget, so you just have to pick your favourite.

And don’t forget to use still the most basic form of feedback, which is simply asking for it. Just before they leave your shop or office, ask if they are happy with your product or service. Then take notes and see what you got by the end of each day. It might be just as simple as it.