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2014 Social Media Trends That Will Affect Us All

Social media keeps changing and it is obvious that many of the modifications done to large social networks appear because of the way in which brands use them. No matter what we might like to think, for large sites like Facebook, what counts is the exposure that can be offered to brands. That is where money comes from. While we regularly use social networks in order to unwind, relax and catch up with what friends do, brands do try to sell us something.

Brands keep adapting to social media and interaction is a lot more personal than it used to be. As regular users or as professionals, we need to learn about the trends as that will help us realize what is about to happen. Out of all the things that can be mentioned in regards to this topic, 3 are really important when it comes to social media trends.

1.Marketing With A Purpose In Mind

In the first years of social media marketing, brand presence was mainly noticed through content that was disseminated with the purpose of trying to find an audience that is receptive. As you surely already noticed even if you are not in the industry, social platform presence did evolve to the level where it is a lot more personal and no longer one-sided.

The marketer will try to look for your touch points that consumers have. The business cannot actually use regular approach methods as value needs to be added to the experience of a potential client. Brands now know that they need to have a purpose and will treat customers as if they are guests.

All this basically means that companies will start to listen to you. You can get your voice heard, which was not at all possible in the past. Take advantage of this. You never know when you will be listened. Brands will gather information obtained from such conversations in order to improve the marketing strategy that they use on social media channels. No matter what you may think, every tweet or Facebook message that is connected to a brand will have a purpose behind it.

2.Marketing Will Be Based On Collected Data

The brands like Blog For Web already started to collect a lot of data from as many sources as possible. The purpose behind the collecting is to use that data to generate more sales on the long run. When you properly use the data you collect, you can make a company create proper messages that increase brand affinity. That data helps in convincing the consumer to take a desired action.

It needs to be added that brands will use all the data that they collect with the use of social media and combine it with interactions that appear outside the social channels. All this means that brands will want to know as much as possible about you. Some of the questions that will be asked will appear simply because data is collected. Do not be afraid to answer and share your views or opinions since that will help you to not be harassed by the brands this year.

3.Delivering Relevant And Timely Content

At the moment, Facebook is a lot closer to Google as a source of traffic for news sites. The trend is surely going to increase. This clearly highlights the fact that people do want to have news delivered to them in real time and the news need to be delivered where they are. People spend an enormous amount of time on social networks so it is normal for marketers to try to deliver content that is relevant in a timely fashion in those spots where people are present.

While social media is saturated with commercial messages, brands counter this by standing out with the help of content that makes people want to talk.

We expect brands to establish different teams or protocols that will have the task of dealing with and responding to big events on various social media channels. The company that is ready is able to find various channels that will bring in various earning potentials.


No matter what people may say at the moment, businesses move online and they do use various social media channels to promote services or products. In 2014 the social media approach will be an extension of what we saw in 2013, with a lot of importance linked with the needs of the customers. Businesses improve businesses with technology but they also need to focus on social media networking.

For the consumer, the experience will be better, lighter. Big brands will no longer be aggressive in that highly bothering way. That can only make the importance of social media higher.

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