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3 Underutilized Internet Marketing Strategies You Can Use Right Now

Internet marketing has changed the way businesses connect with their customers and potential customers completely. More businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, are focusing on internet marketing rather than conventional advertising as a more cost-efficient and effective way of reaching a targeted audience. Internet marketing is not only very effective, but also very measurable. It is easy to keep track of how well a campaign is performing using metrics such as user engagement and return on investment (ROI).

Despite the immense popularity of internet marketing and its instruments, there are still strategies that are utilised only by a handful of businesses and business owners, despite being highly effective. In this article, we are going to take a look at three of the most underutilised internet marketing strategies you can add to your existing campaigns right now.

Referral Marketing

Recommendations from friends or colleagues are always considered more credible than ads or online advertorials. This is because we tend to trust friends and colleagues by nature, which means we trust their product recommendations more. What most business owners don’t realize is that these recommendations work just as effectively even when they are part of a referral program.

Referral marketing has successfully helped many businesses reach new customers in the past, and it can be used to help you expand to market segments just as effectively. By offering a small incentive for existing customers to refer your products to friends and relatives, you are accessing several major benefits.

For starters, the referral marketing program – also known as affiliate marketing when it is run on a larger scale – is relatively cheap compared to advertising. It also generates a higher ROI, since you pay much less for every sale generated by the program. More importantly, referred customers spend more than generic new customers, so you will also get a nice boost in revenue along the way.

Personal Branding

Many business owners don’t really take personal branding seriously. After all, the main brand of the business should always be front and centre, right? Well, not really. Personal branding is a handy internet marketing instrument to have, both for yourself and for your business.

According to entrepreneur Sam Ovens who has years of experience in internet marketing, personal branding can help boost the credibility of your company’s brand. As people trust you more, they will trust your company just as much.

“If people know and trust you and your personal brand, they’re more likely to trust your new business,” said Ovens. “Each media hit, speaking opportunity or social media post has the potential to bring you a new customer. Personal branding is an essential tool for business success.”

Naturally, having strong personal branding is also handy for long-term purposes. The next time you start a new business, for instance, you already have a strong audience base following your stories.


Last, but certainly not least, we have retargeting or remarketing. The concept behind retargeting is simple. We know that only an average of 2% of web traffic converts on their first visit. Retargeting is a strategy that will help keep bounced users exposed to your brand, increasing their chances of revisiting your site for a second look.

The second visit is more effective in many cases too. Up to 50% of users who decide to revisit a website upon seeing retargeting ads after leaving it for the first time convert and actually follow through with purchases. Remarketing goes a step further than that, taking advantage of targeted ads on social media platforms and email distributions for an even higher conversion rate.

These strategies are still underutilized, despite the fact that they are very effective when implemented properly. Start integrating these internet marketing strategies with your campaigns and see for yourself the positive impacts they bring almost immediately.