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3 Ways to Mix Pinterest into Your Social Media Strategy

Pinterest was first seen as a fun social media site mainly for women. However, that image has drastically changed since the site first began. Now businesses are using it to increase exposure to their brand and to help them attract new customers and more sales. Here are three ways you can use Pinterest as part of your social media strategy:

Pin Your Products

The first way to use Pinterest for your business may be rather obvious. Pin images of your products so that your potential customers can see them. This is easier if you own a clothing or home décor store, but it can be done with any product. Even if the product itself is not the most exciting item out there, you can find creative and interesting ways to pin it to your board.

It’s also a good idea to create separate boards that will appeal to different demographics. If you have clothing for women and men, make two separate boards. This ensures that the right people find the board that will interest them.

Pin Your Services

What if you are a service provider rather than a product company? You can still utilize Pinterest in your marketing campaign. Instead of pinning images of products, pin images that are relevant to your services. For instance, a landscaping company could pin images of beautiful lawns or plants and flowers that are in-season.

Don’t forget that you can also pin videos as well as images. Perhaps you can find a video that tells about common problems with shade gardens to pin. If you are an accounting firm, pin a video on learning how to invest your money.

You can also repin items from other businesses that are complementary to your own. This could bring in a whole new audience that you might not have access to otherwise.

Showcase Your Customers

Find ways to make your customers feel special and you will increase their loyalty to you. You can create a board and feature a different customer each week or month. You can also create contests where people have to repin one of your boards to enter. Have others contribute pins that are relevant to your business. This can come from customers but you can also get employees involved. As people contribute to your boards, they will have a greater reason to tell others about it.

You can also create a membership board through the secret boards on Pinterest. Everyone likes to feel as if they have special access to something others don’t. Invite certain people to view and contribute to these boards.

Pinterest is a fun place for people to hang out and be creative, but it’s also a fresh, new way for businesses to increase their online presence. The key to being successful on Pinterest is the same as on any other social network. You must focus on the customer instead of on your business. When you make your boards interesting to them, you will increase your following.

About the Author
Spencer Frandsen is a digital marketing professional writing on behalf of the Los Angeles digital agency, CCG

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