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4 Ways to Travel Light Next Business Trip

If you find yourself traveling constantly in your line of work, the chances are high that you’re ready to found out what it takes to pack lightly. A study by the Global Business Travel Association predicts a 7.2 percent rise in business travel spending in 2014, to $288.8 billion. These are four ways in which you can say goodbye to your heavy luggage and move onto what matters – your business trip.

Go Digital

Because technology has made so many advances over recent years, there are tons of ways you can use it to your advantage do that you can pack lite on your next business trip. Devices like tablets and thumb drives are perfect for traveling, and they give you a chance to leave your bulky laptop back at home.

If you find that there are documents that you need to bring with you on your business trip, scan them at home and save the files to a portable hard drive or thumb drive. If you’re planning on presenting files or documents to a client, be sure to load them onto a tablet and present them in that way.

Laptops are much heavier in nature, and they also require a charger and more accessories depending on what you plan to do on your trip.

Roll Anything That Can Be Rolled

You might assume that you already know everything there is to know about packing lite in terms of clothing and personal necessities, but there a couple of other tricks you can try.

If you’re bringing multiple sets or articles of clothing, roll them as tightly as possible and compact them inside of your luggage. This helps cut down on needing more luggage, which can in turn cost you more at the airport.

Likewise, you should also be saving space with your personal belongings. If you have a group of hygiene produce in a plastic bag, use a few rubber bands to constrict the bag and contents together. This will keep them organized, and also provide a lot more space for packing your other items.

Be sure to pack shampoos, shaving creams, gels, and hair sprays separately in case they manage to burst open or dispense while inside of your luggage. The last thing you need is to finally reach your destination and open your luggage to find that its contents are covered in shampoo.

Ship Your Belongings Rather Than Packing Them

Next, completely take a load off of your back by just shipping your luggage and other items instead of bringing them along. If you don’t need certain items while traveling to your destination, there’s no sense in lugging them along.

Just before you depart for your destination, box up everything that can wait for you at the hotel of your destination and place priority shipping on it. Of course, shipping ETAs are never guaranteed, but you can almost always assume that the package will arrive before or right at the time of your arrival.

Once you leave, you can either choose to ship the same contents back to your hometown or you can opt to just bring them along with you.

Use Travel-Size Items for the Trip

Lastly, make sure you’re using items that are the correct size for the trip. You don’t need a family-sized bottle of shampoo for three day business trip. Therefore, take some time and go to the dollar store to search for travel size items that can more than likely last around a week.

The more items you find in travel sizes, the lighter your load will be for traveling. Additionally, you’ll be able to fit much more into your luggage due to bulkier items not taking up so much space inside. So be that travel expert. Travel light. Plan ahead. Use automated hotel booking sites. Stay organized. And find that unused electrical outlet. You deserve it.


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