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420 words, 13 top business books and 5 business tips

I love TweetDeck. During the day I have two columns following two subjects. In my role as entreprenerd I follow “small business”, as a business book geek I follow “business books” (duh!).

Lots of good stuff, lots of dross too. What you are constantly bombarded with, are the “Top 10 books on this”, “The 13 tips for that”. The one that triggered this blog is the “10 books that blow your mind”.

Blowing your mind
We can do that! We have read hundreds and hundreds of business books in the last few years and our whole business concept is around blowing the collective mind of a business, get them to talk about it, reflect on it and then act on it. Making them more competitive, smarter, better, etc.

If you consider the consequences of their message to your business, what are the books that truly will blow your mind (in no particular order):

  • Marketing 3.0
  • Free
  • Fun Inc
  • Overconnected
  • Future files (and its companion book Future minds)
  • What is mine is yours
  • Talent masters
  • Out of our minds
  • The shift
  • Business exposed
  • Mavericks at work
  • Infinite possibility

I could have picked 10 others, but as we keep on explaining to our clients (and this is counter intuitive); it is not about the book, is what you will do with the learning from the book. The key messages we are getting from the book we read are:

Culture is everything

  • The internet is fundamental to your business model and its impact is not yet really understood
  • Gaming is the next wave
  • Technology will fundamentally change your business model and you are not seeing it coming
  • Change will be exponential, NOT linear
  • Everything you were thought about business is wrong, is a myth, is based on bad research and does not stack up
  • The balance sheet your accountant gives you is useless. The future balance sheet will focus on soft assets such as IP, brand, culture, community, idea pipeline and talent.

Passion will become one of the key differentiators

And to translate this to 5 tips:

  • You really do need to read more
  • Don’t belief anything you read
  • Develop a passion statement for yourself and your business
  • Review your business model (use attribute listing) and check where technology can add, cut cost or make your company more scalable
  • Appoint or become a CCO (Chief Culture Officer)

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