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5 Alternatives to Billboard Advertising

Outdoor advertising is something that has been around for a long time. The traditional billboard has been the standard for outdoor advertising and continues to be so effective that it is still widely used today. However, for those that are looking to stray away from the traditional billboard, these five outdoor advertising options offer some unique alternatives.

1. Mobile Billboards

Although still a billboard, mobile billboards present an interesting twist to classic billboard advertising. As their name suggests, mobile billboards are mobile and can be driven around. These types of billboards typically consist of a large billboard panel placed on the back of a truck. The advantages of mobile billboards include the ability to drive around selected routes for targeted impressions as well as the capability to park in areas where traditional billboards can’t be placed.

2. Taxis

Similar to mobile billboards, taxis also have the advantages of mobility. Taxis provide many opportunities and spaces for advertisements. Ads are typically placed on top of the taxi which is an effective location as it presents the message at eye-level. Also, ads can be placed on the side of the taxi, on the back window, or inside the taxi itself.

3. Sports Venues

Unlike the previous two options, advertisements placed at sports venues do not have the benefit of mobility. However, these venues usually draw a very large crowd which provides the advertiser with a larger audience for their message, especially if the event at that venue is being televised. The options for ad placement at sporting venues are vast. Small billboards can placed around the stadium at baseball and football games or logos can even be placed on the field itself. Even outdoor sports such as golf provide opportunities as logos can be placed on the flags of the pins at each hole. The advertising prospects at sports venues are almost limitless and marketers can get very creative.

4. Busses

Busses offer many of the same advantages and options as taxis. However, busses are much larger than taxis and can display larger advertisements in a more bold and pronounced manner. Messages presented on busses can be reinforced by placing more ads on benches at bus stops. Busses are also able to deliver messages in close proximity to where the buying decision is made.

5. Aerial Advertising

Aerial advertising offers an alternative form of outdoor advertising with a variety of options to choose from. Blimps and sky banners represent the more conventional types of aerial advertising and both are highly visible and effective as there is little competition for the message in the sky. Similar to these, hot-air balloons provide another option for marketers that are easy for the audience to see as hot-air balloons are slow moving. One of the more interesting aspects of aerial advertising has been the development of floating logos or “flogos”. These flogos are comprised of a light foam substance that can be shaped and molded into the shape of a logo and can float through the air for up to 30 miles. Flogos are unique and eye-catching, allowing them to easily grab the attention of a large audience.

From flogos to mobile billboards the choices for outdoor advertising are virtually endless. These are five viable alternatives to the traditional billboard that can be efficient and successful. While the standard billboard has been and continues to be an effective outdoor advertising tool, it is not the only option available.

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2 Responses to 5 Alternatives to Billboard Advertising

  1. Sherry Canon March 27, 2014 at 10:15 am #

    Great blog !Aerial advertising offers a spectacular view to the people . Apart from these creative Wall
    Projections also attracts more customers . And if you want to try something very extreme you can try out Sky writing .

  2. Ben William August 16, 2016 at 4:16 am #

    Hello Darren ,
    Excellent Post Mate!

    Out of 5 billboards method, i will vote for aerial advertising . Aerial advertising is affordable and quick advertising method compare to other advertising tools. I am going to share recent camping ROI for a Melbourne based coffee bar.

    It tooks 2 hours to do advertising in their local area.

    Cost: $1000
    Reach : 40,000
    Instant Outreach: 50 bookings for same day and following days.

    If you compare other tools, it may take long time to cover up

    Best Wishes

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