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5 Logo Design Elements For an Impactful Branding

A logo is a visual symbol that represents your brand. Providing a unique identity, it becomes rather a symbol of trust, familiarity and basically how you stand true in the minds of your audience. This means that logo is directly proportionate to brand value. In order to have a unique identity for your brand, a brilliant logo becomes a must.

So you know how important a logo is for your brand, the next thing you want to do before you go ahead designing a new logo or modifying an existing one is finding resources to help you in the matter.

With so many logo design tutorials and resources found all over the web today, you already have a toolbox that will help your small business to design a powerful logo. But before you go there, an understanding of a quality logo design is absolutely imperative. Let’s find out what are those logo design elements that helps create an impactful branding of your business.

  1.       Simple is the New Awesome

Logo designs for brands are best when kept simple. It is because they are easier to recognize when they are not overdrawn. Their unique aesthetics become their memorable identity. Take Nike Swoosh for example: it is unexpectedly unique and simple by all means. So an advice here is not to cram your logo with graphics, text or a clutter of both. Imagine using a cluttered logo in small dimensions – what looked big, bright and shiny in a bigger version will suddenly become irrelevant with zero clarity. So think minimalism and adopt simplicity when designing logos.

  1.       Colors are Important

An aspect often taken for granted is the use of colors and how it contrasts with other colors. Their importance is such they create immediate impression with one instant look. For instance, yellow is used by most food brands as it gives out a feeling of energetic fun about it, green stands as something related to purity and nature, blue inspires trust and gives off a sense of authority and so on. So don’t forget to study the color psychology and what certain colors mean in order to come up with a logo that carries exactly the same meaning throughout.

  1.       Create Relevance

For the intended audience to take it positively, the positioning, fonts and color scheme of the logo matters. So keep your target audience in mind and conduct a thorough research upon it. Say if you are into selling children toys, think of funky fonts, various colors brought together and something that does look cute and childish. You can’t, however, do the same for a law firm now can you? It is because the latter needs to be sophisticated and exhibit the business value as is. So remember to create relevance when designing logos.

  1.       Make it Versatile

One of the major elements of an effective logo design includes that it works across variety of different dimensions, media and applications. It should look great when posted on a billboard, when printed in black and white, when presented only in one color, or when squeezed into a social media box. A vector logo fulfills the very purpose. Take the logo for Apple, or WWF for that matter – they look good in every dimension, when presented in just one color or black and white. This means that you should say no to the use of a lot of colors as the printing cost will exceed too, or logos that have text only and lots of fine details as they will look miniature and unreadable when shrunk to fit anywhere with small dimensions.

  1.       Ensure its timeless

Trends will come and go so leave them to the fashion industry. A logo needs to stand true for an infinite time. If you feel the need to change your logo every now and then, perhaps your logo cannot withstand the test of time. So make it timeless by being unique and standing out by being you! So no more following the pack as longevity is the key here.

Remember, logo reflects a brand identity and by no means should that identity be compromised, ever. So try out different variations from companies that design logos and see which version of the logo fulfills the elements mentioned above. Don’t settle for less because a logo is supposed to be your pride just like your brand – treat it right!

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One Response to 5 Logo Design Elements For an Impactful Branding

  1. Mícheál Ó Doibhilín June 29, 2016 at 12:13 pm #

    I would add to the good suggestions above that the first thing you should do is to write down what your business is and what it does. use as many words as you need to describe these two aspects – are you a retailer or wholesaler, for example, a manufacturer or a service? What do you supply?

    When you’ve written all this down, think about your future – will you be expanding/changing/expanding your range of services/products etc. in the future as you grow?
    of services

    Read back over all you’ve written and the, on another sheet of paper write down keywords only – no sentences – to describe what you first wrote down.

    Then, and only then, should you even begin to think of a logo because only then can you make one relevant. Remember that a picture really is worth a thousand words and a good logo that expresses your business is worth those thousand words.

    Don’t be creative unless you are a designer – be communicative. Your logo should mean something – its fine for companies like Apple or IBM or Nike to have meaningless logos, they’ve put billions of dollars behind them to ensure people recognise them. I don’t know how often I pass company vans with beautiful (and expensive!) artwork all over them and I haven’t a clue what the company name is or what it does.

    Just as, when speaking – especially in business – plain English is better than jargon, so in logos. Don’t be afraid of the obvious imagery, but avoid plagiarism. See what others in your field are doing by all means – there may be an industry logo standard theme, for example – but don’t copy. Your logo should make you stand out from the crowd and, apart from identifying you, should identify what you do. 99% of logosd fail this simple requirement, in my view.

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