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5 Steps Towards Going Paperless in Your Office

Businesses of all sizes clock up enough paper miles to make environmentalists wince but going paperless is your office isn’t just great for the planet… Embracing paperless practice can save you a lot of cash as well as reduce office waste dramatically, but how can you make the leap into going paper-free?

Start Small

When introducing new practices to your office environment make sure you start small to ensure the transition is fully effective. Don’t aim to convert all your paperwork (including files in storage) straightaway – remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Invest in the Right Equipment

A scanner is a vital implement in getting your office one more step towards paperless practice, whilst many offices have a multifunction photocopier with the ability to scan, fax and print, the temptation to reproduce paper documents should be removed altogether. Instead invest in a desktop scanner so your administrative assistants have all they need to adopt your new paper-free ethos at arm’s length.

Perfect Your File Naming System

When scanning in important document, it is vital that you take care when naming files and that everyone is on the same page so documents can be found easily by anyone who needs them. Work with your admin team to devise a system that works for every member of staff and is far from cryptic.

Always Back Up

Whilst the onus isn’t on backing up when operating old paper systems, it should become a ritual as more and more of your company documents are transferred from the filing cabinet to a computer system. Invest in secondary hard drives and back up your files consistently to ensure they are protected when technology isn’t behaving itself.

Remind Yourself of the Business Benefits

Maintaining a paperless office can be a real challenge especially in the early days when change can become unsettling for the average workforce but always remind yourself and your team of the benefits that it has to your business to keep on the right track. The cost of mailing, shipping, printing and paper storage will be significantly reduced, whilst any computerised documents can be found in a matter of seconds rather than hours spent searching through filing systems.

Whether your aim is to use less paper or go completely paperless, make the move and embrace technology to harness a profitable, conscious and efficient working environment.

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