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7 Simple Social Media Marketing Strategies for your Business

The rapid growth on social media has clicked a ‘eureka’ idea for businesses, which have now realized the potential of social media platforms. The businesses are now using these previously opposed platforms to gain mileage in pushing their products to potential customers, and are reaping big out of them.

Businesses that are yet not on board the social media marketing platforms are losing out on the returns. In order to maximize on the platforms for optimal marketing benefits, you can undertake these simple strategies;

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A great misconception among rookie social media marketers is that SEO is only possible on websites and not practical on social media platforms due to their unstructured nature.

Far from it, SEO is paramount in ensuring you get to reach more social media users who are your potential customers. SEO helps you to understand the use of keywords, handles and hashtags, as well as optimizing your content for targeted social media marketing and enhancing your profile search rank.

  1. Invest in Ads

Pictorial ads on social media are very efficient in driving traffic and creating interest in the customer. For Instagram, being pictorial based, Ads fit in perfectly as one of the ways of passing targeted content to the customers.

  1. Invest in Ad placement tools

There has been an influx of social media tools that help individuals and businesses in various activities on their account including placement and management of Ads. These tools help you in creating good product stories, using relevant pictures and using filters to determine how your Ads perform on the platform. They also help you in growing your followers and gaining more links by targeting a niche.

  1. Build brand loyalty

Instagram has more potential for brand creation and marketing than other platforms like Facebook because it is not crowded, thus giving more room for more users. In addition, followers are also able to view all Ads, thus the Ads have a wider reach. This makes it easier to build a brand.

Studies also show that more Instagram followers are more receptive to brands than other platforms.

  1. Build connections and interactions

More interaction with followers through likes and comments- which is very efficient, will build a stronger link with your followers, so comment a lot. It is very critical to build connection with your followers before starting on Ads and branding, as this will ensure that you do not lose your followers, but rather continue to grow your following.

  1. Partnerships

Instagram is a haven of charitable and not-for-profit organizations that seek to tell their story using photos to the world. It would be a wise decision to partner with such organizations, as this would also add to you a benefit of followers of such organizations being able to view your profile and Ads (creating visibility).

  1. Integration with your website

Integrate your Instagram account and profile to your website, as this creates external links on your website to the profile and thus driving more traffic to it and also raising its search engine profiling. To know more on same you can visit SEO NY Company.

Managing your Instagram profile may seem easy, but it is not that easy building popularity and following. However, some businesses do outsource online marketing to consulting companies and experts, or even buy accounts that already have a huge number of followers.