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7 Ways To Improve Team Efficiency And Productivity

Being the leader of a marketing team isn’t a piece of cake. As a matter of fact, NO team is actually easy to manage. This is a take from any project group leaders in any school. Whenever several people with different beliefs, coming from different walks of life are put to work together as a team, miscommunication and chaos are going to be there, making everyone’s life a hell. However, strong leaders who know how to keep their teams together and how to motivate these people cooperate towards common goals can achieve the unity and cohesion we see in various PowerPoint presentation templates and stock photos.

These being said, let’s move from pure philosophy and dreaming about the perfect teams to actionable measures that can help these leaders improve the efficiency and productivity of their people. The first thing to do is to define our terms, so that we can have a common starting point.

Efficiency is the ultimate performance stage, in which a process creates the maximum possible output with the lowest amount of inputs. Personal time and energy and only two of the inputs that heed to be taken into consideration.

Productivity is nothing else than a measure of the efficiency of a process. It can be defined as the ratio between outputs and inputs. It can be measured in output per unit of input. When all inputs and outputs are considered in measuring productivity, it is called total productivity.

Efficiency has a direct influence on productivity, and consequently on profitability. This is very simple to explain. When you use the least amount of input to obtain a certain output, you save money. You’ll need to pay less work hours to employees in your team, hence the savings that would increase your profitability. Cutting the costs is always a profit generator.

Most business owners set their profitability goals, so they have to act towards improving its two pillars, efficiency and productivity. Nobody wants to waste money, that’s for sure. 

Team Building Activities

In order for a team to function as a whole, its members need to know each other and get along. Good work relationships between the members of a team result in a smooth workflow and cooperation. If team members don’t get along too well, there’s going to be trouble more often than not. This is why team relationships need to be strengthened by organizing teambuilding activities.

You can select only those activities that match the profile of your company, so feel free to take and implement only what you find suitable. Whatever your selection, you can rest assured teambuilding activities can do wonders for the cohesion of a team.


The better the skills of your employees, the better your productivity is going to be. This is why team members should always receive the appropriate training that would enable them to enhance their skills and to acquire new ones. This is going to be useful to the company, as well as to the employees themselves, as they are going to become more employable. You should send your employees to conferences, trainings, seminars and workshops. If suitable, you may also want to enrol them in online training programs.

As we are a marketing agency, we have the firm belief that marketing and creativity go hand in hand. This is why winning marketing teams are always the ones that benefit from less set rules and more training programs. If you want great marketers in your team, start by providing them the best possible training.

Listen To Your People

Communication is essential in any company, regardless the industry or market it operates in. You need to identify the biggest needs of your employees, as well as potential problems that might interfere with their efficiency and productivity. When employees feel they aren’t listened to, they lose their motivation. This is going to have a direct impact on their productivity, as they will be less efficient in accomplishing their daily tasks. You have to show your employees you care about them, so do your best to listen to them whenever they have a problem. If they come with ideas, praise them and encourage them to pursue them, as this is going to make them feel useful.

Listening to your employees is very important also because they are the driving power that keeps your business going. If you want productivity and efficiency, you need to make sure your team members are happy and motivated. 

Financial Bonuses

Most employees want their jobs to get paid. However, there isn’t a direct correlation between the payment level and the productivity of their work. There are many other factors that affect their happiness, and therefore their efficiency.

Motivation can fade away from various reasons. When this happens, it has a direct influence on the productivity of employees. Whenever you notice a slight decrease in their motivation, you an help them become happier by giving them some extra financial incentives. A special bonus and the title of “employee of the month” can do wonders for the productivity and motivation of a team.

Delegation Of Responsibility

I had the chance to work in several different organizations, so I’ve been able to detect something that causes lots of frustration among teams. If you don’t use the SWOT system when you assign tasks to different members of your team, you’re going to experience a lot of pressure from the side of some of your employees. Better performers are going to be demotivated if they aren’t assigned responsibilities they feel right for their skills and knowledge.

The main point is that you need to make efforts to understand your employees better, so that you can assign them tasks based on their strengths and capabilities. This is how your top performers are going to stay motivated to do their best for your company. Your team is going to work much better when each member is happy with his or her tasks and roles.

The days of micromanagement are gone. Apps and mobile working technology make it easy to work anywhere in the world and allow employees the chances to do so. It also means employees can have a certain amount of autonomy, which can save employers the need for lots of micromanagement. For example, online employee time trackers make it easy for employees to track their own time, while the likes of the Pomodoro app entice them to be more productive.

Choose The Most Appropriate Management Style

Once you get to understand your team, you should be able to see what management style would work best for them. Very experienced, senior employees are going to be better off with a free-reign leadership style. They need a certain level of independence to function well. They want to feel that you trust them, so you should allow them make some decisions without consulting you. On the contrary, inexperienced teams may need a more paternal leadership style, as they need all the guidance and supervision you can offer.

Have Roles And Tasks Clearly Defined

When members of a team know exactly what their specific roles and tasks are, they are going to be more productive, as there won’t be too much room for confusion. Make sure you instruct your people on their responsibilities right off the bat, in order to avoid miscommunication.

These are only a few ideas that could help you improve the efficiency of your team. You can try them to see how well they work for your employees.

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