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8 ways you can be more organised in the workplace

Do you feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day? So do we. Milking every last minute out of our working week is important for successful business productivity. There’s always room to sharpen your organisational skills and leave the office at 5pm on the dot. Here’s 8 ways you can be more organised in the workplace:

8 ways you can be more organised in the workplace

1. Section-Off
It’s amazing how quickly our paperwork conquers our desk space. What started off as a few innocent documents has become a tower of folders. Time to divide your paperwork into zones: unchecked, currently handling, short-term, and long-term. Set aside a few minutes every day to review your short-term box and get rid of what you can. Store your long-term pieces safely and as soon as you’re done with them, take your documents to the shredder.

2. Prioritise Space
Your desk will be covered in so much debris: from photos of your family to novelty rubbers. If there is anything on your desk that you don’t use every day, take it away.

3. Get E-Mail Savvy
Set up a separate e-mail account to receive e-newsletters and make sure you unsubscribe from any e-mails you don’t want to receive in your inbox. This means that you can spend more time with the e-mails that are really important. Mass mail is horrendous. Set aside times during the day to go through your e-mail; otherwise, leave it well alone and get on with your work.

4. To-Do List
Sounds very old-school, but taking the time to write yourself a to-do list is a great way to organise your time. You also get the deep satisfaction of ticking each box, one task at a time. Your mammoth schedule will also start looking manageable for once. Leave yourself enough leeway for unexpected tasks your considerate boss will throw at you during the day.

5. Task Grading
Begin your day with the most gruelling, difficult tasks. You may be pretty useless before your morning coffee, but you’ll be even worse towards the end of the day when your brain is completely frazzled. Know when you’re at your most efficient.

6. Learn To Say No
You can’t always be the yes person on the team. When you’re being assigned work outside of your job description, and you’re already swamped, it’s time to politely decline. Explain why you can’t possibly take on the project and describe how your skills will be put to better use elsewhere.

7. Keep A Calendar
A calendar can be a complete lifesaver. Keep checking your appointments and deadlines, so you never accidentally forget an important meeting again! When it’s time to go home, you can cross off another day before the weekend.

8. Don’t Multi-Task
Multi-tasking can turn into a real juggling act. Approach your projects one at a time and don’t move on to the next task until you’ve completed your current one. Your boss may say that he or she needs something in ‘ASAP,’ but it can probably wait until you’ve finished what you’re doing. False deadlines are common in businesses – these tasks aren’t usually as urgent as your boss is making out.

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