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5 Lamps Beer at “I believe” in CHQ

As part of “I believe“, Ulster Bank has given a stand to their clients to sample the Christmas atmosphere, sell and make the public aware of their offerings.

Over the next weeks you can visit them at the Food and Craft market. On Saturday 5 December, it is the turn of 5 Lamps Beer.

5 Lamps Beer

The 5 Lamps Dublin Brewery was set up in early 2012 and their first beer The 5 Lamps Dublin Lager was launched in September 2012. The first home was down on the North Strand by the iconic Five Lamps and hence our name.

Their goal was to offer an Irish lager which while hand crafted and produced using only natural ingredients is also accessible and easy drinking and provides a real alternative to the commercially produced international lagers available in Ireland. In the late spring of 2013 they opened the Brewery in the heart of the Liberties (in the shadow of another fairly well known Brewery!)

Visit them at the fair or visit their website.