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A Christmas message from Sunny San Diego….

As a result of the success of Smallbusinesscan, one of our number had the pleasure of spending 10 days in Boston and San Diego on a business leaders programme, thanks to the US State Department and Boston College.  A fascinating trip studying the best of breed in entrepreneurship, networking, technology transfer and business education. A lot of learning ensued. Not difficult when you meet smart people from Harvard and MIT. But the really smart people where the people from San Diego.

San Diego was a sleepy town that was completely dependent on the military. In the 80s they were hit by 70% lay offs that should have left San Diego decimated.

What happened instead? They did not waste a good crisis and transformed the city into what is now a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship and a vibrant economy of mainly small businesses.

The ingredients of success
What were the ingredients of this success? Can do, leadership, networking and collaboration. Literally a handful of people decided to get together and make a difference. And then they joined the dots. Universities got involved, business got involved, agencies got involved.

All those parts are available in Ireland – North and South. We have the universities, we have businesses already collaborating on Smallbusinesscan and other networks, we have the agencies, we are good at networking, and we have a Diaspora that is second to none (and getting bigger). 

We can do what San Diego has done and transform our economy.

What can you do as a small business. You can step up to the plate. Show leadership. Get involved. Join Smallbusinesscan. Visit our next Business Live events (details are on Join other sites and networks that promote business positivity.

Make your business a success
But the best thing you can do is remain focussed on your business and making it a success. If you are thinking of starting, start now (you might not believe it, but this is the best time to do so). If you are thinking of exporting look cross border or across the water… and if you need support, let Smallbusinesscan and over 10,000 other business people that are already part of our community help you. They will. You will be amazed  at how much support and good will is available. And through success we will breed success…..  And eventually get this economy off its knees.

Lets not waste this crisis.  As the San Diegans would say: Happy Holidays and lets make 2012 a good one.


Nearly forgot… the site will be up and down like a yo yo this week. We’re upgrading. We’ll let you know about all the new stuff that’s coming online when we figure it out ourselves.