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A Guide to Creating Infographics for SMEs

Infographics are very popular these days.  Hubspot reports that the number of searches on Google for infographics has increased by more than 800 percent, and the rate at which they are being produced increases one percent each day.

Company love utilizing infographics as part of their content marketing strategies due to the powerful results that they bring.  Web traffic for publishers who use infographics increases 12 percent higher than publishers who don’t use them.  Visual content has a powerful effect on people and consumers have a tendency to view it as being more engaging compared to just text alone.  This is due to the fact that 65% of individuals are visual learners.

So how can you create interesting infographics that will capture the attention of your audience and help your brand become more widely known?


Think of a great idea.

The idea will be the basis for the infographic you create.  Analogy is one of the more effective techniques that brands use.

Before you start creating your infographic, it is important for you to establish what its purpose is- it supposed to be serious, surprising or funny? According to Tommy McDonald of Serplogic, Your main goal should always be to inspire and educate your audience.

Make sure your data is first rate

Your data needs to be relevant to whatever your message is, in addition to being interesting and unique.  Otherwise you will just be creating an infographic using facts that people can learn from elsewhere.  Be sure to use reputable sources.  It is essential to do fact-checking to make sure everything contained within your infographic is accurate.

Remember to keep simplicity in mind when designing

You want your style to be consistent and simple- limit how many fonts you use, follow the same color scheme and use one style for all of your visual media.  Be sure that the different sections in your infographic have clear visual connections with each other.

Have an interesting story to tell

All of the data that you select should structure and back up the main story that you are telling.  Your infographic can’t merely be a collection of interesting facts- each piece of information needs to add something to the main narrative that is being told. More elaborate infographics like this one show the amazing lengths it’s possible to go to.

Optimize your infographic for sharing

Since infographics are capable of driving lots of traffic to your site, you will want to embed it into blog posts, share it on your social accounts and optimize it so that others can share it.

It is easy to optimize your infographic for sharing by putting a Tweet button, Facebook share button, ‘Pin it’ button and other kinds share buttons from social media right next to your infographic.  That will help to encourage your visitor to share the image.

Choose the correct size

How long a website takes to load has a significant impact on customer engagement.  For this reason you should use compressed JPEGs in order to reduce the weight of your infographic.  It will help to ensure that your page loads fast without your visitors needing to wait a long time.

Size is another very important factor.  The width of your image should be a maximum of 735 pixels.  If it is any wider than that, your infographic might end up getting re-sized and that could mess the proportions up.  It is also important to keep your width less than 735 pixels for sharing purposes- particularly on Pinterest, where the full width of expanded images is 735 pixels.

The length should be less than 5000 pixels.  Infographics that are too long risk losing the attention of their audience.

Sharing Your Infographic Effectively

First get a special image created for Facebook and add it to a blog post. Next, come up with an attention-grabbing headline.  Then start to share it on all of your social accounts.

Your infographic should always include your company logo, website URL and links to all of your main social channels.  That way everyone will always know who created the infographic.

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