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How to Advertise your Brand on a Budget

Small businesses have a need for powerful advertising as much as any other business.

Exhibition stands have the power to enhance your image and make yourself visible to your target audience. Aside from introducing your products and services in an eye-catching and memorable way, smart exhibition stands can also help to generate sales leads.

Using exhibition stands

Whether it’s trade shows, shop stands or pop-up displays, Display advertising (phyiscally) is often a very effective route. Assuming you’ve hand-picked the right marketing events and conventions to engage your target audience that is. I also recommend you check out’s cheap exhibitions stands, they’re the price leader when it comes to quality display gear, definitely an  excellent way to secure powerful advertising for your brand on a budget.

  • Trade shows

Trade shows offer a perfect opportunity to advertise your brand using attractive exhibition stands that don’t have to blow your budget. You can easily create a display that

Trade shows can be a very powerful marketing medium due to the fact that they bring thousands of potential customers directly to you. Consider what trade shows may be worth attending in your industry, and request media kits for each show so you can decide if it’s right for your brand.

Above all else, trade shows are a fantastic way to keep up with competitors and get your name out in circulation. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to get a fantastic display. Simply opt for a tablecloth and accessories that represent your brand’s image or match your brand’s colours, and this will help your exhibition stand to pop.

  • Pop-up displays

Another great way to make use of exhibition stands is pop-up displays. Whether on the street or in a shopping mall, brightly coloured and exciting displays attract immediate attention without the need for a big budget.

Consider implementing an interactive element in your display, such as a video playing on a loop, or a short PowerPoint presentation, which is something you can also promote on your social media channels. Less is more in this regard, so make sure that you use short, sharp bursts of text and colour. You don’t want to overload your audience with information, you just want your brand’s image to shine through and be memorable.

It’s a good idea to include pictures, bright colours and a snappy slogan – this makes your display easy to digest as potential customers are passing by.

  • Promoting your brand

An exhibition stand is fantastic when it comes to grabbing attention, but what to do once you have the attention you want? It’s important to be able to follow up on this by giving your potential customers something that will ensure they keep you in mind.

Promotional material such as flyers, business cards and even pens don’t cost much to produce and give you something to hand out to people who stop by your stand. Consider fun giveaway items too, such as magnets, postcards or even sweets. Anything that ensures your brand is remembered is positive.

Overall, you don’t need to spend a fortune to advertise your brand and ensure it stands out. The right exhibition display can be a powerful tool to help launch your brand and make it stick in the mind of the consumer.

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  1. Gautam August 25, 2015 at 7:29 pm #

    Giving up pen, flyers or Pen drive with logo engraved is a fantastic idea. What i did for one my client is we have printed flyers and we were giving those in front of one shopping centre. But most of people were not even reading it and they just crushing and throwing to bin, then what we did we crush the flyers and we were giving those to everyone, people were very keen to know what there inside, people were reading those eventually and it was success full !

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