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All things to all people

As small businesses and start-up companies, we’re very attached [for that read, “often obsessed”] with our venture / organisation. Sometimes this level of entrenchment leads to a near-blindness to the realities of business… particularly our client ‘message’.

Loving our company, our service or product as much as we do, can lead to a level of misdirected messaging – particularly in relation to the customer we wish to attract.

I was reminded of the conversations I have had with clients again and again in the early [and growth stages] of their businesses. Fearful of cutting out potential leads or projects, they will frequently adopt the “all things to all people” approach… or worse still, struggle to define their actual offering. What this leads to, unfortunately, is a real lack of clarity for both the company itself and its prospective client.

Don’t let this happen to your business! Define your value proposition, products and delivery method… it’ll dictate whether you survive or thrive.