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…and on a positive note…hmmmm

…and here’s a round up of this morning’s papers….austerity, budgets, corporate tax rates, 2000 page reports, cronyism, wars, disasters, meltdown, bailouts, corruption…Yikes! How the hell can we be positive with stuff like that?

What’s new on the site…

Shameless laugh
Well JBarratt can still give us a laugh. Here he writes about an Irish version of the American version of the British version of Shameless – you know that mad show about the dysfunctional Gallaghers.  JB’s piece could be interpreted as being  really vicious and dripping with sarcasm. But its funny! You can work out yourself what the ‘siblings’ represent. The older son could be the SME sector? Or maybe JB is just writing about a new show and there’s no hidden meaning…and we get another dirty letter! Make up your own mind.

Vicki from Sligo…
Vicki from Sligo might also cheer you up. She’s going for it and opening a ‘sweet’ shop (sorry Vicki) in Sligo. Vicki is looking for help with a name for her shop (Sweets and Thingamagiggys?), maybe some advice around branding (not from us!) and general event based marketing.

You grow…igrow
Thomas Healy of is also looking for help. Displaying refreshing openness he says that his company has completed its  website and product range but are now faced with the challenge of promoting the business. Thomas says: “We… spent last year building our product range and website. We started advertising this year but with small budgets and not getting any pick up by any national newspapers we are finding it tough to really get going in the market. I always like to get some feedback and any comments or suggestion people may have about how to get the word out about my website.” We’ve posted some threads and articles that might help generate some ideas for this business. Hopefully more of you will also pile in with suggestions.

Helping hand
Thanks also to Mike who completely gets the spirit of what this place is all about. He has a strong background in HR in the tech multi-national sector and is offering to help with advice and insights for anybody looking for staff. “In the spirit of helping other entrepreneurs do what I’m now doing myself, that being setting up and leading my own company, I’m happy to help with any recruiting queries you might have, in terms of how to successfully and cheaply generate quality candidates, select effectively and appoint…”

Spread the word
How about this inspiring story from Armagh. ICM Books direct sells Christian books and has just launched an iphone app to further capitalise on this multi billion dollar industry. ICMs website and iphone were developed by Lisburn-based GCD Technologies. We don’t know these people from Adam (get it?), but its really good to see a spokesman from GCD talking about his clients marketplace like he really knows it. Too often IT providers seem to be just ‘suppliers’..(happy to debate this on the site with anyone who agrees or disagrees!)

Digital treasure
Still in NI, the Digital Derry story is also fairly inspiring. The City isn’t waiting around for things to be done for it…it seems to be out there getting things done for itself!

Love to dance
Its also worth mentioning another initiative where ‘locals’ seem to be taking their own future into their hands.  Waterford County’s new tourism website is a bit like SBC where users also take ownership of making it work, how it works, content etc (some of the SBC team are behind it!). But have a look at how they’re starting to promote it. The girls from  the local school are creating flashmobs at airports and railway stations – in fact anywhere they can generate a bit of publicity for their site….

So are we feeling positive yet?…