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Anyone, board?

Anyone feeling relieved that there’s an external board marshaling (get it?) the ROIs Government? Think about it. We have a management team ie the Government agreeing an overall ‘strategy’ – now there’s a word that hasn’t been used in government circles too often in the past – and a roadmap with goals that are being constantly monitored and being reported upon quarterly to an external body of funders….

Have a look at a great blog on the role of a board of directors.

Has anyone got a board that works? Tell us why and how you set it up? Maybe you’ve set up an Advisory Board? What’s the difference? Again let us know how you’re getting on and we’ll blog about it and give you full credit.


Does size matter?

Keep the blogs coming. There are some real gems of insight and experience that people are sharing.

There’s one, Do your homework on foreign markets, on importing and exporting, for example from Gerard Kiernan of Celtic Forwarding. Gerard will be sitting on our Kilkenny panel for our Business Live event.

A modern twist on a long held belief that its never the gun….

And what about this economic report, UK CPI rises to 5.2% y/y in September, on the inflation figures coming out from the UK. Have a read of it, even if you live in the ROI. Now ask yourself this: In the UK, Government is printing money like its going out of fashion. In the ROI money is being sucked out of the system. But, are both paths ending up in the same place? Economic nuclear Winter.

The Doers….

If you want to be cheered up, go into the forums. Here you will see businesspeople that are intent on creating wealth. They’re asking the right questions. They’re sharing experiences. Its the likes of them that’ll lead us out of this mess!

If you want to meet the business people that are getting stuck in and doing, put two events into your diary.

First the Business Live Events dates and venues have been announced. Register for an event near you. There’s 14 happening around the country. First up is Belfast on November 16th with a panel of serious business people that are growing their businesses beyond these shores. They’ll be discussing how they’re doing it and anyone attending will have ample opportunities to participate and ask questions. Athlone, Newbridge, Kilkenny, Ballymena will all be happening in quick succession after Belfast, so hurry and register.

And the talkers….

Second, look out for the Sunday Business Posts Entrepreneur conference in Dublin on October 20th. Its turning into a great yearly conference except for one thing!…

This year they have one of the founders of as a guest speaker? What does he know!