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Anyone for a leg of Salmon?

Didn’t we say before Christmas that we’d put a fair bit of emphasis on exporting. If we were politicians, this would probably be enough for us to take credit for the export surge that’s happening. They’re flying out the door, aren’t they? (exports and politicians).

Up around 11% across the board. Indigenous companies are up about 5%. Tech is, as usual, a strong performer. Food and Agri have come surging back. Is this island the biggest exporter of beef in the world, or what? And the Americans keep on coming. US multi nationals have announced investment programmes and job creation from Belfast to Cork……

We might be the butt of many a joke ..but ‘they’re’ tucking into our beef, drinking our beer, breading our butter and playing with the latest and coolest touch screens that are being assembled here. And yes we are pathetic as we promote this article which at this stage has been hawked in every paper in the country. But we need to cling to good news don’t we?

And while we’re on the topic

The Sunday Business Post and the Belfast Telegraph have already picked up all of the stories on the blog but we need more, especially exporting stories. Also send on any guides, templates etc that will help exporters. We give full credit and link back to the contributors site. If the papers pick up the story we can also arrange to get copies for your own marcomms. So as well as helping out, it’s also a big PR opportunity. Send your stories to

Speaking of America

The Chinese premier is in Washington. In an unashamedly opportunistic way, we highlight the Chinese economic powerhouse with a series of articles on doing business in China (that are frantically going up on the blog as we speak). Thanks to Gerry Brandon of Eplixo who has written some really insightful articles about doing business in this vast country, which Gerry points out is a myriad of different markets, niches, cultures. If anyone has similar stories to share about India, Brazil, South Africa, Russia or where-ever…as already mentioned we would be delighted to put them up on the blog.

Speaking of leaders

And while we’re talking about leaders, regular contributor JBarratt has chipped in again is his timely way with an article on the traits of a good leader. It continues ongoing discussions on the site about founding, leading and managing a business. Lots of insightful stuff on this topic gone up on the blog lately. JB has also posted a very topical article on communication and crisis management. Enough said!

The good, the bad…

Finally we‘re working on the next version of the site. We’re putting in a lot of the functionality being looked for in the road map group and through emails sent to us with suggestions. And a lot more to boot! As part of this upgrade process we’d like to get some testimonials and feedback on what you have gotten out of Smallbusinesscan. (Might turn them into articles and send onto the newspapers). How you use the site, learning (or not) from posts on the site, business ideas that you got from the site, ideas that information on the site helped you implement, topics that should be covered, stuff that’s not working ie groups, etc. We’re happy to get feedback on the good, the bad…

And the Ugly

Send your feedback to

Lastly, here’s how you can save a few bob.

Feedback from the group buying scheme is very good. We’ve had people set up their petrol/diesel purchasing with this scheme who say that getting VAT totals at the end of the month is a godsend. Members have also bought white boards, stationery etc, and the prices are among the best out there! So have a look and see if you can benefit from the purchasing power of this group.