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Appeal for Help!

We’ve started putting all the topics that have been discussed on this site over the past seven or eight months and we’re coming up with a programme that hopefully anyone starting a business in Ireland will find useful.

While the programme is grounded in real issues

that SMEs face – we’re discussing them on the site – we’re trying to get the balance between theory and practice right.

If anyone is interested in having a pre-view of what we’re doing and could perhaps suggest improvements, we’d be very grateful.

In particular we’re looking for people that will look at the programme and say – ‘I have practical experience of this‘ or ‘I have an insight on that’.

If you video yourself talking about a topic – 3 – 5 minutes max – post it on Youtube and send it to us; we could end up with a real practical course that’s uniquely made for businesspeople by businesspeople!

If you’re interested in becoming involved email us at and we’ll send you a password to get into the beta programme. Any comments you have or videos you believe will add insight to the programme can also be sent to this address. We’ll give full credit to those that submit content and will profile them on the site and through our media partners.

And indeed if you know someone who has a particular insight send this on.

We believe that getting you involved in this programme is the key message!

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