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Are you Marketing or Advertising Your Business?

Many people confuse these two areas and it makes a big difference to your bottom line. Marketing is not advertising yet most business spend all of their marketing resources in this one area. So, are you marketing or advertising your business?

A great way to think about it is to think of marketing as a cake and advertising as a slice along with customer service, research, online, social media, product, pricing, distribution and sales. It’s important that all slices are the same flavour and that’s the role of marketing. For example if you think of Ryanair, all elements of their marketing taste the same – low fares.

If you think Harrods, all elements of their marketing screams luxury. Think of your marketing like a cake and make sure all slices taste and look the same.
I often get requests to create marketing plans for businesses and one of the first things I discuss with clients is that marketing isn’t an add on, it needs to be an integral part of the product or the service. All of your marketing needs to be evident in all slices of the cake so that the customer sees the same cake regardless of the slice they see.

For example, if you’re looking to create a brand that’s fun and cool and a marketing plan to match, you need to have fun elements built into all slice of the cake (the product, pricing, social media etc.). If it doesn’t, the advertising won’t be able to sell the product long-term. Marketing is about creating long-term profit from your product/service so take a look at your marketing and advertising and get marketing.

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