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Small Business Can got Nominated for Blog Awards Ireland 2014.

We are happy to announce that Small Business Can have been nominated and long listed in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 competition. We’re up for the category of “Best Blog Of An SME. The short list will be published on August 25th so cross your fingers, but anyway, we are delighted we have made it this far! Thanks to everybody who follows, reads, comments and supports SBC.

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Up Germany!

Our esteemed colleague from Holland has calmed down. And we are glad we kept the website in blue…. Social media remains a hot topic. A lot of our blogs cover it in a variety of ways. Technology, recruitment, video, etc. Have a look at what’s been going up on the blog…. Is Social Media The Answer To Small Business Recruitment Woes? How to Create Highly Shareable Videos How Technology Shapes [...]

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Nominate a Business or Social Enterprise

Nominate a business or social enterprise for the Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards 2014. All you have to do is fill in the information in the form below. The business or social enterprise that you are nominating will get an email with information on how they can apply. You will be copied on the email so that the nominated party knows that you have deemed them worthy of recognition. You [...]

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[Event] Beauchamps The Getting Started Series, Dublin, 10th July

Beauchamps is delighted to continue its three part series of morning seminars on female entrepreneurship. These events bring together leading speakers in this area, as well as featuring presentations on the key tax and legal issues for start up and early stage businesses. The second session ‘Avoiding the potholes’ will take place at the Beauchamps offices on Thursday, 10 July. If you are in the process of setting up a [...]

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Start-up Story: Ecigarette Direct

Wasting time at work: How do we do it? It’s inevitable that we have at least a few minutes at work where there isn’t a great deal to get done immediately. Sometimes, the temptation is to spend that time doing something you think might help to speed the day up, whether it involves doing a little cleaning of your desk or desktop, spending more time on menial or repetitive tasks [...]

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Holland Are Still In It!

A row has broken out between the members of the Smallbusinesscan team. Only one of the team still has a team in the world cup soccer competition and he feels the site should be painted orange until the final, where they will meet Germany and get beaten (again). He is willing to forgo on the flags. If they win (Holland that is), he is willing to run a marathon in [...]

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Making You Think About The Business….

We’ll keep plugging away promoting the Business Achievers registration for the next couple of months, then at the end of the Summer, we’ll make a big push to get as many of you entered as we can. Strategic thinking The gentle reminders from now and over the summer are important because we want to keep strategic thinking on the radar. The summer months, which might be quiet for many, are [...]

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[Event] ICSB 2014 World Conference: ‘Entrepreneurship and Sustainability’

As part of ICSB 2014 World Entrepreneurship Conference, Dublin Institute of Technology is organising a dedicated Entrepreneurs Day on Wednesday June 11th. This event is targeted at those entrepreneurs who wish to learn first-hand how successful entrepreneurs have grown their businesses from start-ups to commercially thriving operations. The programme will focus on creativity, funding, leadership and innovation (as applicable to all businesses) as the key themes of the event. There [...]

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Can you Imagine What I Would do if I Could do all I Can?

Short termism v long termism Before we start, someone in the office asked what’s the difference between strategy and tactics. After a deep and very intellectual (Sic) discussion on the works of Tzu Sun, we agreed on these definitions/explanations. Strategy is done above the shoulders / Tactics are done below the shoulders (unless you think with your …..gut!) Strategy is done by the boss / Tactics by the worker bees. [...]

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[Event] Irish Tatler Academy Annual Conference – 22nd May 2014

Irish Tatler Academy Annual Conference – Convention Centre, Dublin – 22nd May 2014. The Irish Tatler Academy Annual Conference will be held in the Convention Centre in Dublin on 22nd May 2014 from 9am to 5pm. This year’s Conference is entitled Tomorrow’s Ireland – Women Driving Our Recovery. The 2014 Conference will be hosted by Chairwoman of Harmonia, Norah Casey. The guest speakers will be mainly women and include 25 [...]

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How NOT to Write a Business Plan

Because we’re in the middle of a campaign pushing the need for business planning and promoting our new free business planning tool, we thought we’d repost this great post from 2012. It’s still true today. Based on experience reviewing hundreds of business plans for new and small businesses mainly in the “tech” space, I drafted the following list of common mistakes and flaws seen in plans. Follow them if you [...]

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Supports for Start Ups, Emerging and Growing Businesses

Over the last 7 years, Smallbusinesscan has tried to provide a grounded, grassroots, community based support for businesspeople in Ireland, North and South. You’ve rallied to the cause of helping each other through those troubling times. But the times are changing. You’re leading us out of recession. You’re talking and doing growth. Smallbusinesscan needs to keep up so we’re growing with you and trying to put in even more supports [...]

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50 Day Sales Accelerator Program – Apply Now for SELR8R

Scaling up sales is the stage all small businesses get to after the product is launched and a few early customer are raving about it, but the money is running low, and investing in a sales team, or even a single dedicated sales mastermind is expensive and has to be paid for before the optimistic forecast sales MAYBE come in ! So, SOSventures launches SELR8R. A 50 day sales accelerator [...]

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Budget 2014 – Osborne’s Penultimate Budget

Today’s Budget represented George Osborne’s ninth ‘fiscal event’ since he became Chancellor and he has two more to go (Autumn Budget Statement 2014 & Budget 2015) before the next General Election. ‘Security / secure’ were the watch words and appeared 8 times in the speech with ‘delivering security for the people of this country’ the Chancellor’s vision and long-term plan. As expected, the economic growth forecasts were upgraded significantly and [...]

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Start-Up Story: Get Invited

Get Invited is the next generation of online ticketing and event registration software, enabling event organisers to: send digital tickets, delivered directly to their customers’ smartphone; easily manage attendees with smartphone ticket scanning; view social conversations, photos and videos from their events in real-time; and perform detailed event performance analysis. How much does it cost? We charge a very small commission on each ticket sale of just 2% + 50p. [...]

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Start-Up Story: TeamStory

“I’ve got an idea for an app!”…oh brother… Yes, against our better judgements we have decided to throw our (decidedly burnt) hands into the furnace of app development. Why punish ourselves, you might rightly ask, when there is more than a billion apps in the App Store alone? With more and more crawling out from every hole in the digital woodwork everyday? Apps for this, apps for that, there’s even [...]

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And the winner is…

Congratulation to Brendan Walsh! He is the winner of the Small Business Can prize draw for a brand new iPad mini! He’s business tip: “Start small, baby steps, work hard and you’ll get there.” Very good advice indeed! Brand new iPad mini on it’s way to you. Thanks to everybody that entered and better luck next time. We’ll be running another competition in the not so distant future so stay [...]

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