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5 Simple Steps To A Winning Brand Voice Strategy

This is a particular interest area of mine and I wanted to explore the idea of Brand Voice and also come up with some simple tips that will help businesses. Here are 5 simple steps to a winning Brand Voice strategy. What is Brand Voice? Brand Voice is defined by Joel Klettke, writing on, as the “overall verbal personality of your brand”. defines the Tone of Voice as […]

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Payroll for Employees – What You Should Know

As an employee, it really pays to know how payroll works.  After all, your pay is principally what you go to work for. So you want to be informed:  You want to be able to understand how your pay is calculated and the effect that entitlements and obligations have on your income. Our free eBook ‘A Guide to Irish Payroll’ will  help you to understand the ins and outs of […]

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The Importance of our Posture

Having bad posture is not just about looks – it also affects our daily lives. The way our body works, combined with poor posture, can lead to numerous health problems. Posture is more important than we think. Through our posture we can express many different feelings like tiredness, stress, fear, happiness and health. That’s why if we can change our posture we can also be happier and healthier. How is […]

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5 Reasons To Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business

If you have been used to advertising your business, products or services in the papers or radio, here are 5 reasons why you should consider using digital marketing instead: 1) It is more targeted When you use digital advertising you can target particular segments in ways that traditional media cannot. You can target by types of users on websites that run advertising campaigns, you can target on Google Ads and […]

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Ulster Bank Takes the Lead on Sustainability in Ireland

Ulster Bank is the only bank in Ireland to have achieved the Business Working Responsibly Mark – the highest level of Corporate Social Responsibility accreditation in the Republic of Ireland. Jim Brown was one of five company CEOs to be presented with the award by Tanaiste Joan Burton at an event in Dublin Castle on 10 November. Receiving the award, Jim commented” “This Mark is a real tribute to our […]

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OPTiM Payroll: Why Payroll Matters

Processing and administration of payroll is a necessary and vital function in any business with employees. In many businesses, it is the single biggest overhead. Employees have an expectation of being paid accurately for the hours they work in a timely manner. The rates of pay, normal hours of work and frequency of payment are usually set out in a contract of employment. Employers also have a statutory responsibility to […]

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Ulster Bank Joins Irish Food Operators on Trade Mission to China

At the start of November, Nigel Walsh, Ulster Bank’s head of sectors and specialist sales joined 37 Irish companies on a five-day trade mission to China, a market of growing importance to Irish food producers. China represents a major prospect for the food and drink sector in Ireland – not least because of the sheer size of the market of over 1.3bn people. Ireland sees China as a key strategic […]

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[Event] Galway: Inaugural Start-up Weekend, November 14th-16th

Start-up Weekend is coming to Galway, 14th-16th November! Developers, designers and business development folks will come together to pitch an idea and launch a business, all in one weekend. It is a great opportunity to test start-up ideas, meet potential co-founders, build the community in Galway and launch your next start-up! 54 hours of activity will culminate in a round of presentations to the assembled judges, mentors, and other teams, […]

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Galway Startup Weekend 3

[Event] Inaugural Start-up Weekend, Galway, November 14th-16th

Start-up Weekend is coming to Galway, 14th-16th November! Developers, designers and business development folks will come together to pitch an idea and launch a business, all in one weekend.  It is a great opportunity to test start-up ideas, meet potential co-founders, build the community in Galway and launch your next start-up!54 hours of activity will culminate in a round of presentations to the assembled judges, mentors, and other teams, leaving […]

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Ulster Bank Host the 3rd IDA “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event

The 3rd IDA/Ulster Bank “Meet Your Neighbours” Networking Event took place in Ulster Bank on George’s Quay on Thursday evening, 16th October 2014. The event was another huge success, driven by the strong attendance of c. 100 people from 50 different companies. The theme for the evening was “A Ghoulish Gathering” which added to the relaxed and somewhat festive atmosphere. There was a real buzz in the room as each […]

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Responsible Business Conference

Twenty five years from now in 2039, annual reports may still be prepared, but probably in a very different way from they are today. Which businesses in Northern Ireland will still be around and sharing the news of their successes? Only those who are taking their sustainability seriously now and doing ‘good business’. Business in the Community is set to help organisations look further ahead than they may be accustomed […]

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Startup Story: Stylefish

Why you should invest in Julie Cobbe and her Dragons’ Den-approved firm Stylefish? From trainee solicitor to Dragons’ Den victor, Julie Cobbe has been able to combine her two loves – fashion and teaching – into one formidable business idea: Stylefish. With a little help from Dragon and publishing maven Norah Casey, Julie’s fashion school, set up in 2009 has evolved into a credible brand and she has worked with […]

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Startup Story: Local Gift Cards

‘What do you want?’ It was the question I would get constantly from my thoughtful sisters in New York and London around Christmas and birthdays. ‘Anything’, I would reply, but most of the time I would be thinking I’d really love those boots I saw in Fuchsia Footwear or a nice meal in one of the many fine restaurants here in Clonakilty, knowing well that it wasn’t possible for them […]

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Deadline approaching for EuropeanPioneers €4.5million funding for Startups Apply Here

The EuropeanPioneers accelerator programme aims to boost the development of digital SMEs and start-ups in Europe’s media sectors. The accelerator pursues this goal by providing EU funding to promising businesses and build upon the FIWARE technology, i.e. FIWARE generic enablers, specific enablers and/or domain specific platforms. The programme also provides participants with coaching and mentoring in cutting-edge business methodologies and access to strong venture capital and business networks. Apply to […]

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A Big Deal For Your Business

Are you getting fed up hearing about the Business Achievers Awards (BAA)? Well, we’re not apologizing for making a big deal of it. Because it could be a big deal for you and your business. 1. Business competitions help you raise money Winning a category in BAA or other prestigious competitions is a very strong validation for the winners when it comes to grants or finance applications. All the state […]

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If You’re Entering the Business Achievers Awards, Do It Right

Here’s our take on how you should approach entering business competitions and filling in the forms. Sorry if this appears a bit didatic. But last year some of the smallbusinesscan team were on judging panels; this blog is based on some of the very simple mistakes that were made – and could so easily be avoided – by applicants. You can enter the Business Achievers Awards online here. Check the […]

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Use Small Business Can as a Channel

If you are selling B2B and especially to SMEs, why not use Smallbusinesscan as a channel? We have 50,000 visitors per month, our mailing list is hitting 20,000 and our social media reach isn’t bad either, with 5,000 likes on Facebookand 10,000 plus followers on Twitter. If you want to ‘own’ us for a month to promote a special offer to our members all you have to do is commit to a plan and its execution through SBC over a […]

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Time to Enter The Business Achievers Awards

The Business Achievers Awards is probably one of the best broad based all Island business competitions and there’s a category for all businesses big and small. The application form is here and will take no more than 30 minutes to fill in. It could be 30 minutes well spent because there are great benefits to entering. Here are 10 great reasons: The application process is an opportunity to reflect on […]

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[Event] The Disruptors Conference, Dublin, September 5

The recent arrival on these shores of billion dollar valued startups such as Uber and airbnb from Silicon Valley has ruffled a few feathers as local traders are forced to adapt to compete with these highly disruptive businesses. An upcoming one-day business conference is attempting to uncover how the fastest growing companies in the world are achieving unprecedented success by disrupting traditional industries. Top international entrepreneurs The Disruptors Business conference […]

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