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HR Tech Advances for the New Millennium

Human Resources is an evolving environment that has changed dramatically over the years. In the Industrial Era, HR professionals were around to resolve wage-related issues and to deal directly with unions for labor-dispute problems and compliance requirements. In the 21st Century, the new era of Human Resources brought new challenges […]

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5 Interview Questions You Cant Ask (Legally)

Job interviews are difficult on everybody involved, and the employer or HR manager is not an exception. Treading lightly around questions that involve personal life is smart, but it can also keep you out of hot water in the legal sense. Read on for our 5 interview questions you cant […]

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Think Like Your Customer to Drive More Sales

One strategy to drive sales is to think like your customer and not just like a marketer. The customer is often considered the most important person in any business venture. Without the customer, there is no business. Marketing specialists are therefore very vital people in a business organization. They are […]

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Five Ways to Grow Your Business

With your competition never giving you a break, it’s important to build and maintain your market share. Here are five ways to grow your business in the modern business landscape. Organize the Budget Making sure that your budget is in order for the next months ahead of time is one […]

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Six Reasons Why Small Businesses Succeed

Historically, small businesses have had to work far harder than their larger-sized counterparts in order to stay afloat. Given the benefits of emerging technologies and the ability to market services and goods online, however, the average small company has a much greater chance of succeeding. Following are Six Reasons Why […]

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Tech in Business: 4 Major Gamechangers and How to Cope

The digital and computer revolution has left the 21st century truly a brave new world. Social interaction has taken on new meanings and dimensions through online gaming, mass communications and the social media craze. Technology has made learning, shopping and interacting with the entire world a daily thing for most […]

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Business Leaders: How to Raise Your Leadership in the Workplace

Effective leadership is an accumulation of many areas of knowledge that can be utilized in different ways for different situations. Enhancing leadership skills is a lifelong learning opportunity that can pay off in greater professional recognition and more exciting career opportunities. Here are some straightforward ways to raise your leadership […]

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