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5 Top Tips for Any Business Start Up

Are you starting a new business? Well, doubtless you’ve done lots of reading to find out what you can learn from those who have gone before you. But, aside from the obvious classic advice like “create the product people want to buy, not the product you want to sell”, what […]

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Why Print is Still Important in Promotion?

There was a time when print was starting to look vintage, antique and word on the street was that printing was dying. Digital reigned supreme. However, whether it’s the fault of fake news, too many apps or too much Trump, people are beginning to take ‘digital detoxes’ from mobile phones, […]

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What is Agile Performance Management?

In comparison to traditional performance management, which tends to measure an employer’s performance over an entire year, agile performance management promotes collaborative, continuous development. The Upraise site shares an abundance of information about this concept, but essentially it revolves around three key areas: feedback, communication and coaching. Feedback There’s no […]

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The Importance Of Security For Your SME

Protecting your business from potential intruders is absolutely crucial in this day and age. Thieves tend to target small and medium sized businesses because they assume they can get away with it. It is likely that your perpetrator has been keeping a close eye on you and your business over […]

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Functional Furniture For The Growing Business

Keep your fancy stand up desks and your massage chairs, as a growing business you understand the importance of functionality, of getting the job done and not wasting precious budget on furniture that doesn’t meet the needs of you and your employees. A small business requires furniture that functions appropriately […]

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Should Marketing and HR Be More Coordinated?

How closely does your marketing department work with the HR department? Probably not particularly closely, they aren’t necessarily two departments that you would automatically put hand-in-hand. But, in fact, they should be working together very closely in order to maximize company value, according to new research.   A new paper […]

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How to Upcycle Unused Materials in Business

Upcycling has become extremely popular in recent years – albeit most commonly with people who engage in a little domestic DIY. It’s a term that refers to the process of taking an old unused or unwanted material and upgrading it into something better and more useful. While recycling breaks a […]

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