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What is Your Transformative Purpose?

We recently started to use “Exponential organisations” with our clients. One of the key points of the book is about businesses finding their transformative purpose. It really resonates with our clients. When you get involved in staff engagement, it eventually always boils down to why you matter and why the company you work for matters. 4.0 economics That is how we came across “Leading from the emerging future”. Most books […]

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5 Steps to Future Proof Your Business

What happens when all technology cross collide and digitisation, demonetisation and dematerialisation come together at exponential speed? Exponential change It goes back to what “the second machine age” explains as the difference between linear change and exponential change. One is gradual, the other one doubles every 6 or 12 months. And with exponential change we are on the second part of the chessboard. We are now talking the laws of […]

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hidden champions

8 lessons from supernichist

Hidden Champions of the Twenty-First Century: The Success Strategies of Unknown World Market Leaders by Herman Simon What do Baader, 3B scientific, McIlhenny, International SOS, Hoganas, Tetra, Bobcat, Gallagher, Seas Getter, Hamamatsu,Arnold and Richter, Petzl, Lantal, Tandberg, WET, De La Rye, Belfor, Ulvac, Orica, CEAG, Gartner, Zimmer, Technogym, Gerriet,Embrear, OC Tanner, Klias, Electro-Nite, Sappi, Essel Propack, Plansee, Dickson, Molex, Jungbunzlauer, Nivarox, SGS, Brainlab, Delo, Enercon, Omicon, Beluga, Nissha, Amorim, Jamba, […]

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How Google Works

Every Thursday we discuss the business books we use (or nor use) with our clients on NewstalkFM. You can listen back to the podcast, where Alan and Ian discuss “How Google Works” here. It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts Both Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg came to Google as seasoned Silicon Valley business executives. After more than 10 years both have ended up feeling that, […]

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Startup Advice from Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel has pedigree. Billionaire, one of the Paypal founders, CEO of Palantir. Worked with Elon Musk and Reid Hoffman. When he talks, as a start up you should probably listen. No progression since 70s His starting point is that we have not progressed much since the ‘70s. With the exception of IT and the internet, not much has happened. He is disappointed. We should be living on the moon […]

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Is Your Strategy Making Money?

The amount invested in sales forces (including salaries, benefits, and other components of SG&A—selling, general and administrative expenses) is about $900 billion annually. This is more than five times the $170 billion spent on all media advertising in 2012 and more than twenty times the $40 billion spent on all online advertising and marketing in 2013. Hiding behing social media “Do you do anything in sales?” is a question we […]

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Strategy and Reputation Economics

We have a lot of clients in the financial sector, including banks. When we do sessions on strategy and future trends, we have recently included Reputation Economics by Josh Klein. Reputation Economics In Reputation Economics he sets out why he thinks reputation is becoming increasingly important. And it has nothing to do with your Klout score, but everything about exchange of value and trading. Future business models When you talk […]

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USP as a Unique Story Point or the Emotional Point Of Difference (EPOD)

“The moment of clarity” talks about anthropology as a key science to really help understand your client. Market research does not work, Emotionomics and Kahneman et al have showed us that we are barely rational. Brain Solis talks about “moments of truth”. The Shallows explains our diminishing attention span. Everybody talks about information overload. You don’t want to be in marketing II Being a marketer is really, really difficult. Particularly […]

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DO! Because Doing is All You Need

We are always on the look out for European business authors. Still most business authors are American. Which is interesting in a world that is supposed to be globalised. Maybe we have created our own filter bubble. There must be some excellent business authors from China, India, Brazil, Russia, and we would be much obliged for any suggestions. Contact us at [email protected] Irish business authors Let alone finding Irish authors. Could […]

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Future Scenarios, The Faster Things Move, The Further You Need to Look Ahead

How do you plan for a world that is in constant flux? We are getting that question a lot. Should you plan at all? What timeframe do you plan for? And how do you make an organisation fluid enough to respond to constant change and volatility? BIG questions. No easy answers. Do you have a plan? A lot of companies have a plan. Sometimes it is a strategic plan. What […]

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Your Business in the Future

What is the relevance to business? It was the first question my girlfriend asked, when I told her about this book. Have been scratching my head…… Future trends are important Here is what I have come up with. Future trends are important for business to understand. Business is not about today, business is about tomorrow. Your vision and your plans for the future should be grounded in deep understanding of […]

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The Power of Branding

Ever since I read “Brandwashed” I look at marketeers with some suspicion. Ever since I read “The old rules of marketing are dead” I questioned their added value. “Branding is for for cows” questions the effect of branding. Brian Solis (my old time favourite writer on social media), would suggest that there is an end to business as usual. Particularly for marketeers. Our clients Our clients struggle with marketing too. […]

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Business is Using the Wrong Models to Make Decisions

One of my favourite management books is “Business exposed” by Freek Vermeulen. It basically says that most of the management theories we belief in, are based on nothing. Boards, downsizing, ISO, TQM, talent, strategy, numbers, innovation, you name it. 99% of the case hard science does not work “The Moment of Clarity” is that kind of book. Business is using the wrong models to make decisions. Linear models of problem […]

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The Science of Serendipity

“The storms of creative destruction are blowing us to a better place”. This is a quote directly from “Megachange, the world in 2050”. If you watch the technology trends, there is no question about it. Big data, the internet of things, social media, genetics, biology, quantum computing are all big waves. In that context, innovation and future proofing your business, become more and more important. Innovation as the key challenge 99% […]

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Take Massive Sales Action

More and more of our clients are asking to help us solve their sales problem. We have used “Life is a pitch”, which is a nice, soft, gentle book about the nobility of sales. The book “Sell or be sold” takes a sledge hammer to selling. Grant Cardone argues that selling is an essential life skill. If you can sell, you will eat. If there would be no sales, there […]

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Entrepreneurs as Top Athletes?

Entrepreneurs as top athletes Always believed that an healthy mind is a key success factor in running and growing a business and that there is huge overlap between sports and business. Entrepreneurs are the top athletes of the business world. With the same passion, the same ability to postpone gratification, with the same ability to focus and the same ability to suffer when needed. Simple focus When you listen to […]

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Do it! Marketing

Our clients are struggling with marketing. It has become incredibly complex. The marketing mix, the communication mix, the channels available, measurement, the pressure on budgets, proofing the ROI, understanding social media and understanding technology are all hot topics. Marketing gets bad press And marketing sometimes gets a bad press. Not accountable, manipulative (read “Brandwashed”), not understanding social media, old rules don’t apply, marketing is dead and what’s the point of […]

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Does the Internet Make you Stupid?

My Bookbuzz colleague Alan Jordan has done a lot of work with executives on the way they think and make decisions. The key book is Kahneman’s “Thinking fast and slow”, but we have uses other books such as “This will make you smarter” which we reviewed on Newstalk recently. The context Does the Internet Make you Stupid? With clients we have also covered and solved issues and problems around the […]

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The Impact Equation

The Impact Equation

Impact = Contrast X (Reach + Exposure + Articulation + Trust + Echo) I was really looking forward to The Impact Equation. Written by the authors of “trust agents”. A book that was ahead of its time. It started well. The equations is top notch (and common sense). And that is the point. The whole book is common sense. Delight your customers (duh!) Emotion supersedes ratio (duh!) Gaming is creeping […]

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entreprenuer revolution

Entrepreneurship Is The Future

Hot ticket items Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, innovation and culture are hot ticket items for our clients. So I keep an eye out on the start up books that come out on a regular basis. I am childish As an author of start up books myself, I get very jaundice when I start reading others. It is professional jealousy and it is childish. Most  of these books (if not all) are better […]

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