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One Week in June

As we rebuild the banking industry the role of the banks in society has been under unprecedented scrutiny. The financial crisis in conjunction with a number of headline problems, exposed flaws in leadership, culture and values. When I joined banking over 30 years ago I joined because I believed that helping customers was a good thing, and I believed in and recognised the pivotal role that finance plays in society […]

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The Business Achievers Awards – 96 Regionals Compete!

The Business Achievers Awards this year had almost 600 well thought out and well prepared submissions. The decision to kick off the competition earlier than usual and use the time to promote the myriad of good reasons you should enter seems to have paid off. Feedback throughout the judging process shows that those entering had really thought about their businesses and displayed a very deep understanding of their business models. […]

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Business Achievers Breaks Records

A record number of entries were submitted for this years Business Achievers Awards. A total of 572! Unfortunately the closing date for entries has now passed. The competition is a celebration of everything that is great about business on the island. We have awards that respond to the vibrancy of new companies and the innovation in the economy. We also have awards that celebrate the traditional strengths that the island […]

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How Scary is Social Media?

When I meet customers both large and small the conversation often turns to social media and its value to business. As a generalisation, the larger the company, the less likely they are to have anything other than a defensive strategy. Senior executives tend to be of a certain age and social media is something their children do. Often when there are varying levels of understanding then it becomes scary, especially […]

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Sustainable success

It seems like the larger a company gets, the further away from its customers it seems to be. Today’s technology and social habits can accentuate that distance significantly. Whether it’s a call centre on the other side of the world, voice recognition software, the internet or mobile apps it all seems to conspire to get in the way of customer contact. In this post I look at customer satisfaction, how […]

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Working with 11890

I had a really fantastic day on Friday with Nicola Byrne and the team at the Dublin call centre of 11890. As part of the development for our relationship managers they will be spending two days working in a customer’s business. We want our people to feel and understand more about how small businesses work so they are better able to work with customers to realise their ambitions. So this […]

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The women-led recovery

One of things that has been brought home to me in my first year living on the island is the entrepreneurial nature of people here. The ability to do business and export is deeply in the DNA of every community. So I don’t understand why we seem so much less developed in creating women-led businesses? The statistics speak for themselves. In the USA women are in the majority of entrepreneurs […]

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