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Ways to Improve Meetings

Become the fly on the wall at the Monday morning management meeting, and you will see the essence of any organisation. Research confirms our suspicions that most meetings are useless. Here are some simple tips to improve meetings and make them productive. In their 2012 survey, Wasting time at Work, revealed 47% of respondents rated “attending too many meetings” as their biggest time thief. Unproductive meetings Many of you […]

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I’m a networker – Get Me Out of Here! Effective Networking for Career Development, Part 3

If you hate business networking events because you’re afraid of getting stuck with the resident wallflower, or you’re afraid you ARE the resident wallflower, it’s time to set yourself free. Forget stereotypes of people swapping business cards and talking AT one another. In fact, why not drop the NETWORKING word altogether? How would you like to develop business relationships instead? It sounds the same thing, but it all depends on […]

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The Planned Career – Effective Networking for Career Development, Part 2

Whether you want to become more effective in your current role, or are looking for a way into that dream job, it’s useful to have advocates on your behalf. You want other people to talk about you in a positive way when you are not there, i.e. you want them to recommend you. We all do it all the time, for restaurants, films, hotels – just extend this concept to […]

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The Accidental Career Effective Networking for Career Development, Part 1

Did you know exactly what you wanted to do leaving school or filling out college application forms at seventeen years of age? Even if you did – is that what you still want, and are you currently doing it? Few of us realise our dream career. We end up in our first job somewhat by accident, and many of us remain passive or unfulfilled throughout our working life. It’s not […]

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Opinion or Fact? (Why it matters)

In Woody Allen’s film, Annie Hall and Alvy Silver go to therapy.  Each is asked how often they sleep together.  He replies “hardly ever, maybe three times a week”.  Her response – “constantly, I’d say three times a week”. People often treat opinions as if they are facts.  They’re not.  Opinions are not right or wrong, they’re simply points of view.  It’s separating the two that sometimes poses the challenge. […]

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Defending Against Defensiveness

OK, marks out of 10 on the defensiveness scale for the following remark: “He’s being defensive – I’m just realistic”. Personally, I’d give it a 9½. I consider myself: pragmatic; expert; honest and forthright. You consider me: resistant, argumentative, cynical and rude. I think I’m simply giving you the benefit of my considerable experience to educate you on the flaws in your argument. You think I’m negative with a major […]

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Managing Learned Helplessness

If you’ve ever been so deep in a hole that you couldn’t see a way out, or managed someone whose ‘victimhood’ drove you mad, you might have been dealing with Learned Helplessness. Does either of these comments resonate? “I’m useless at this.  It doesn’t matter what I do, it’ll still be wrong.  I’ll just keep my head down and hope no one picks me out.”  “She’s incapable of completing the […]

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Your Own Worst Enemy

My client was ready to check himself into a home for the bewildered.  Yet again, he’d gone into a meeting and come out three hours later with nothing to show for it, and the only thing agreed was that everyone should reconvene next week.   It was driving him nuts.  “How do I fix it?” was his challenge to me. I asked the usual question “Who’s responsible?”  My client struggled between […]

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Absence of Trust

Given the GUBU events of the last two weeks, here’s a bit of direct advice for the defenders of peace in this country.  I strongly suggest that Patrick Lencioni’s book, the Five Dysfunctions of a Team becomes compulsory reading in the following organisations: Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) Department of Justice (yes, Mr, Shatter, I mean YOU) Garda Síochána Given that they’re all such busy people, I’ll make it even […]

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How to Make a Sale – Handling Sales Objections

I love this quote from Bo Bennet: “An objection is not a rejection: it is simply a request for more information.” How do you feel when potential customers disagree with you, say you’re wrong, or they’re not going to buy from you? Maybe you’re dejected, rejected, frustrated or resigned.  You might assume the prospect just isn’t going to buy, or is too stupid to see the fantastic offer you’ve made […]

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How to Make a Sale – Planning First, Ask Questions Later

I hate losing a sale to a competitor.  I hate it even more when it’s my own fault!  If I’m honest, it’s usually clear that I’ve messed up on one of the basic steps of the sale.  (I’ve simply given away my competitive advantage.)  In my last blog, (How to Make a Sale – Steps of the Sale), I explained the importance of matching How customers make decisions, to How […]

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How to Make a Sale – Steps of the Sale

Have you heard the one about the man who walks into a hardware shop and asks to buy a drill?  “What kind of hole do you want?” responds the sales assistant.  It’s a classic sales and marketing training parable that encapsulates the relationship between buyer and seller.  The customer has a problem, and the vendor has the potential to fix it.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  It’s relevant because, in order […]

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How to Make a Sale – How Customers Decide to Buy

I regularly tell people they’re in sales, even when they think otherwise.  You don’t have to be in the business of hawking your wares for cash to be selling.  Every time you persuade someone to your point of view – you’re selling.  Lobbyists and politicians do it.  Job applicants and recruiters do it.  Managers and union officials, project teams and committee members – they all do it.  And yes, sales […]

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Performance Review by Santa

Recent headlines prompted me to think about annual performance reviews.  For those in the public sector, the impression is given that these are the Carlsberg of work experiences, probably the best………  (you know the rest).  For the private sector, feelings may be a bit more problematic. I wondered what Santa would make of it all?  Is he the manager or the employee?  Consider this: He’s making a list He’s checking […]

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Stop the Pantomime!

If asked to name the pantomime character that best represents you, who would you say? Chances are you’d adopt a positive mindset and suggest Buttons, Cinderella, Peter Pan, or one of the more affable Seven Dwarfs. It’s much less likely that you’d describe yourself as an Ugly Sister, the Wicked Witch of the West, or the rear end of the panto horse. Others might disagree. The run up to Christmas […]

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Telling Lies is Bad for Sales!

There’s an old saying, “The truth hurts”, and sometimes I’ll agree.  If you’re running a retail business however, there’s a much more important mantra – TELLING LIES IS BAD FOR SALES!  Now, your reaction to this statement may range across: Absolutely agree, I never lie to a customer; Argue over the definition of “What exactly is a lie? Sure we all do it sometimes, and as long as there’s no […]

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Business Rejection: Don’t Take it Personally

Business Rejection: Don’t Take it Personally

“That’s easier said than done!” So it is, but it’s also largely true.  We get rejected all the time, in all aspects of our lives.  Let’s focus on business rejection – in essence, when business gets personal. Is rejection an emotion, a simple fact, or a bit of both?  It all depends, doesn’t it?   Our sense of personal investment in any issue is directly proportional to the level of our […]

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Activity Reporting: Measure What You’re Doing

Regularly asked, “What’s the most important characteristic for a successful sales person?” I give a one word answer, “Passion”. A sales person who genuinely believes in his product or service has a much better chance of successfully closing the sale.  Think about it.  You can teach product knowledge and the steps of the sale, but you can’t teach belief or passion. Of course, it’s not the only attribute required, but […]

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Your Internal Saboteur Can Hold You Back

Don’t you just hate it – you’ve decided to turn over a new leaf, to take control of your situation and make things better, and yet it doesn’t turn out quite the way you wanted?  You’ve chosen to break old patterns of behaviour, and rewritten your script.  The only problem is – everyone else is still working off the old script, and you’re the one who seems out of step.  […]

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Start Up Stories: Mind Fit Ireland

Have you ever worked in a corporate environment and felt “There has to be a different way to do business”?  Have you ever worked alone and felt “It would be great to have a business partner so I’m not so isolated”?  If your answer is yes, then you’ll be some way to understanding how Mind Fit Ireland was born, just over twelve months ago.  It’s also the reason we’re unemployable. […]

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