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Some Alternative SME Funding Options

It always surprises me to see how little awareness there is out there concerning some fairly mainstream funding options for small businesses. Most of the people will be fairly familiar with two of the mainstream funding options, which seems to top the poll, namely the Enterprise Ireland funding ( and […]

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How to Work Out Sales Projections

In the context of business planning, it would be fair to say that producing financial projections is the most teeth-clenching, hair –tearing, sweat-inducing, sanity-defying task of them all. This is particularly true with regard to sales or revenue calculations. The business is judged by its sales, and your sales projections […]

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Spotlight: Anne Walsh of Allergy Lifestyle was launched by Anne Walsh in February 2013 and brings together a range of quality, reliable products and information to help those managing allergies, anaphylaxis and asthma. The new website brings together a range of over 100 guaranteed allergy and asthma friendly products including Adrenaline and Asthma Inhaler Cases, […]

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A list of Grants and financial assistance

As a small business, one of the biggest challenges in trying to grow sales is recruting of new personnel due to the high costs of employment – not only in terms of salary, but also in terms of additional taxation and charges, and also sometimes additional cost of employee insurance, training and induction. […]

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Strategising with pop-up shops

Pop-up shops are, in a nutshell, temporary retail spaces leased for a short, flexible hire term. The original concept for a pop-up shop was based on Japanese consumer culture and its devotion to rare and limited edition products.  The concept was soon snapped up world-wide by corporate brands and high-end […]

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Business grants: The 10 Commandments

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. When it comes to the whole business of applying for a grant with one of the agencies such as County Enterprise Board, Enterprise Ireland, LEADER companies, there are few ‘rules’  that generally apply. I talk about them here: 1. Not all Grants have […]

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