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ECB to Re-examine QE in December

The most famous quote market participants associate with Mario Draghi was that the ECB will do “whatever it takes “ to protect the Eurozone. Draghi backed this up by introducing a quantitative easing program that spends €60 billion a month on assets and will do up until September 2016, he […]

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EURUSD Q4 Parity

Last Friday for the first time ever a developed economy missed a repayment to the IMF. As an alternative to a technical default, Greece requested to roll four payments into one for June 30th and hold further credit negotiations. We also saw the worst performance of German ‘safe-haven’ rates since […]

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The Calm Before the Storm

Where has the volatility gone? Equity markets are making fresh record highs, bond credit spreads are making new lows and the VIX Index a measure of market volatility often referred to as the “fear gauge” is not far from all time lows. Sound familiar? Rewind back to the start of […]

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Why Did The $ Not Rally Yesterday?

As the market awaits the last unemployment report of the year at 1.30pm today some in the market are asking themselves why the US dollar didn’t rally yesterday. Many would have though it would seeing the following headlines flash across the screens yesterday, revised 3Q US GDP print coming in […]

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Is There Scope For More USD Weakness?

We recently received the news that the US government re-opened and last week we saw key US Economic data start to flow again. This kicked off with the September unemployment rate and non farm payrolls number; however these numbers managed to disappoint the markets. The headline figures missed expectations with […]

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No Action from the FED, results in weaker USD

Wow! The Fed surprised the financial markets last night when they decided not to taper (The word tapering in financial terms is increasingly being used to refer to the anticipated reduction of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing, or bond buying programme). Although in the run up to this event many […]

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Will it be a G8 week for the USD?

The leaders of the G8 nations commenced their meeting yesterday, with Syria likely to dominate discussions but global economic issues also remain on the agenda at the 39th summit held in Lough Erne, County Fermanagh. However the currency markets are more likely to be interested in the FOMC meeting communications […]

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