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Be more productive

Be more productive, 3 tips

Why is it I just never seem to get the important things done!! You know, I just wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that. Truthfully, I have heard myself say it, so I say it from the depths of my soul. It is an ongoing challenge for all of us to be more productive. I hear many people say it as a lament, but, […]

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Do you struggle to get the important things done?

Do you struggle to get the important things done? Well, yes, it is a struggle, but there are solutions. In my work with Senior Executives, CEOs and business owners, along with reading and listening to the top performers in the world, there are a number of things they have in common, and today I want to focus on just two that come up time and time again. They are: Avoiding […]

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Small Business Can - Re-energised

I need to be re-energized

Recently I wrote an article on optimism that really generated a huge amount of reaction – many talking about what they did to stay optimistic, others saying how much it was in short supply. Quite a few comments were about how people were just feeling somewhat deflated and need something to really get them re-energized but just did not know how. I found this really interesting because for many who […]

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Will this wow my customers and add value?

I am a great believer in creating routines and anyone who follows my posts will know that. They are so important to engrain the right habits that produce the results we seek. However, the risk is that we fall into a routine of doing the “same old, same old” without checking in whether what we are doing is adding real value to our customers. Every now and again it is […]

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