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5 Reasons Your Visitors Are Not Converting

Statistics indicate high traffic, but your wallet tells a different story. You have done everything to attract potential customers to your website, but it seems your efforts are going in vain. It is probably because your visitors are just clicking, and not buying. While drawing visitors to a website is […]

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6 Touchpoints that Help Local Businesses Win

Acquiring customers is not enough to guarantee your business’ success. You also have to build customer loyalty to make sure that those clients keep coming back for your services or products. Local businesses tend to focus on giving their customers a satisfying experience to build customer loyalty. However, you need […]

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7 Essential Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

What’s the first thing you hear about being a successful entrepreneur? He/she must have several key qualities: e.g. passion, creativity, leadership, vision, self-confidence, relationship building, innovativeness, organisation skills, and communication skills. You should be the first person in the office, the last one out and should be the most dedicated […]

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How Well Do You Sell?

Conversions are the end product; no way, we can avoid that argument. The question though is not of how to convert: it is of how well can you convert. Converting well is an art, like any kind of well executed business process. But how does one recognize, measure or otherwise […]

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Startup Tools for Success

Job designation such as a “Startup Owner” may sound fantastic to many but actually it’s a 24/7 job that comes with  hectic situations and frustrations being caused by various reasons, which multiplies by 2x if you have an application as a product that helps users in some way. In this […]

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5 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are in the digital marketing industry for quite some time, you would probably be having an idea of why blogging is important and why this should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. If you are still one of those who are not convinced about why you […]

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5 Factors That Can Kill Your Startup Dream

When starting any new venture you have countless hopes and fears, dreams and short comings. This is part of life and can’t be avoided but not being able to control them doesn’t mean to over indulge in them. This can be a factor for an early failure and watching your […]

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