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Redesigning HR For Your Business

Adoption of technological advancements to improve efficiencies and save costs across multiple departments seems to be rapidly gaining priority in organizations. One of the focus areas for automation is the HR department, with an average HR personnel currently spending approximately 7% of his efforts on strategic and 62% on tactical […]

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Starting Your Business from Home

All those people who dream about starting their own businesses must consider multiple things before they bring their ideas to life. They must deal with a variety of issues right from arranging finances for their businesses, to hiring skilled employees, and to finding a right office to start business operations. […]

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Top Ways to Increase Customer Retention

Customer retention is a huge part of a successful company; without retaining a high number of clients, your company could be at risk of falling short. Businesses need to take a more proactive approach to looking after and keeping their customers. While securing new business is a high priority, many […]

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The Benefits of Working From Home

Working from home seems like the ideal situation for many of us, the flexibility to achieve a work-life balance is one that we all aspire to. But what are the real benefits of working from home? And how can businesses work to ensure they are meeting the requirements of their […]

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