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5 Ways To Run Your Startup Entirely On Your Phone

Owners of startup companies usually carry their office in their pocket thanks to smartphones. With the explosion of mobile applications geared towards tackling everything from payroll to human resources, business owners can do just about everything while on the go. And it’s this explosion that is making it easier than […]

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4 Avoidable Mistakes That Cost Businesses Time And Money

In our day and age, it pays to eliminate organizational inefficiencies. What with foreign competition, and a huge market of global consumers, a successful business knows how to innovate in order to succeed. Following are four key mistakes that the best companies avoid. 1. No Courage Warren Buffett once observed, “Be fearful when […]

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4 Ways Technology Increases Work Productivity

Technology has undeniably made our modern lives better, but it sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s true that technology often be distracting and can limit our productivity at work. A 2012 survey found that 64% of employees visited websites completely unrelated to their work every single day. But just because technology […]

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5 Steps to Planning Your Next Business Convention

Event planners and marketing professionals know that all successful conventions begin with a message and a plan. But what makes a business convention effective? Here are five tips that will make your next event memorable, interactive and results driven. Maximize the User Experience Event attendees are technology savvy and goal […]

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