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The Appropriate Use of Fixed Term Contracts

The Protection of Employees (Fixed Term Work) Act 2003 was enacted on foot of the Fixed Term Workers Directive 99/70/EC to promote the equal treatment of workers and to ensure better conditions of employment. It was further intended to prevent abuse arising from the successive use of fixed-term employment contracts. […]

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Is Your Employee Sick or Skiving?

What happens if a member of staff phones in sick but they are later seen out at the shopping centre or down at the pub? Does that mean their skiving? Not necessarily, ill employees are not necessarily confined to their beds so if another employee sees them out shopping, walking […]

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Introducing a Dress Code

Employees are representatives of the business and as such are an advertisement of the business. This should be borne in mind by employees when considering appropriate work attire. An employer is entitled to stipulate a dress code or uniform be worn during working hours. A smart professional appearance is often […]

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Terminating a Contract of Employment

Terminating an employee’s contract  is never easy but on some occasions there may be no other alternative. Examples of such occasions include; Redundancy Breach in organisation’s policy and procedures Poor performance Gross misconduct When there is no other option but to terminate an employee’s employment it is imperative that the […]

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Leave Entitlements – Important Facts to Know

The leave entitlement is based on either a statutory or a contractual entitlement. Statutory leave is a matter of law, while contractual leave is a matter between the employer and the employee. An employee cannot contract out of their statutory entitlement although there is nothing to prevent an employer and […]

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Paternity Leave is Coming to Ireland

Paternity leave is a period of absence granted to a father after or shortly before the birth of his child, there is no statutory rights in Ireland. CURRENT PATERNITY LEAVE ENTITLEMENTS Currently in Irish legislation there is no statutory rights to paternity leave. The only entitlements an expectant father has is […]

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Can you contact an employee who is off sick?

Keeping in contact with an employee who is off work because of ill health can be a sensitive issue, as some employees may feel that they will be pressured into coming back to work too early. However, without any contact those who are absent may feel increasingly out of touch […]

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Workplace Consultations

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 consultation between employers and employees is provided for to help ensure co-operation in the prevention of accidents and ill health. Under the Act, employees are entitled to select a safety representative to represent them on safety and health matters that […]

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Collective Bargaining and the Dunnes Stores Dispute

Dunnes Stores Dispute: After eleven months of continuous attempts to bring the issue of variable working arrangements in Dunnes Stores to the fore, MANDATE trade union have recently received the full scale media attention they wanted with their much publicised strike action across the country. The Dunnes Stores dispute has […]

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