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The Power of Pictures: Visual Marketing in 2017

Millennials and Generation Z are driving forces behind modern commerce, and they interact best with visual content. The popularity of Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest points to a preference for images over text, and posts on Facebook and Twitter generate more engagement when photos are included. Are you using visual marketing […]

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Outsourcing: Should Your Small Business Be Doing It?

Outsourcing is popular among small businesses looking to reduce workloads and boost productivity. Letting someone else take care of the tasks overwhelming you and your team can provide many benefits, but there are also risks involved in the process. Is it time for your company to embrace outsourcing as a […]

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4 Cash Flow Mistakes that Could Kill Your Business

Math was probably your least exciting subject in school. It isn’t surprising that financial management isn’t your favorite part of running a business. However, it is an absolutely essential part of being an entrepreneur. If you aren’t paying attention to your cash flow, your company will fail. Approximately 70% of […]

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4 Reasons Your Outdated SEO Strategy Isn’t Sustainable

Online brands can’t afford not to optimize their web properties for search engines. According to a study from BrightEdge, organic search drives 51% of all online traffic, while social media only accounts for 5%. Unfortunately, creating a viable long-term SEO strategy is difficult, because Google is constantly changing its algorithm […]

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Small Business Security: Protecting Customer Data

In 2015, 2.5 million data security breaches occurred in the UK, 74 percent of which affected small businesses. This 14 percent increase over the number of incidents in 2014 highlights the necessity of establishing strong security measures to keep customer data safe. Get Your Act Together The Data Protection Act […]

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5 Startup Marketing Ideas that Don’t Cost a Cent

The average startup doesn’t have a lot of capital. According to the Small Business Administration, the average entrepreneur spends $30,000 launching a startup. However, other businesses are started for less than $3000 Entrepreneurs that start businesses on tight budgets often lose perspective and spend too much on marketing. This can […]

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