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What You Can Do To Make Your Customer Happy

What You Can Do to Make Your Customer Happy Today’s businesses are increasingly relying on the digital space to scale up and grow their enterprises. With this shift, there has been booming growth of the cloud computing market and more specifically, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions. The significant move to cloud computing […]

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Using New Technology to Grow Your Business

Businesses, small and large, are using computer and internet technologies to gain an edge over their competitors. This is especially true for small and medium-sized companies in the US whose increasing reliance on technology solutions to strengthen their customer engagement activities, marketing, business analytics, and product development has seen their […]

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5 Recruiting Trends Of 2015

The way companies recruit is constantly changing depending on the technology available and the state of the economy. Furthermore finding good talent can be very time consuming and expensive. Understandably improving your recruiting process is often an overlooked area of concern as business owners often have “bigger fish to fry” […]

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On Page Optimization: Guidelines for 2015

For some of you this will be a nice reminder, and for others this quick guide will let you know the most common best practices that are still effective for on page optimization in 2015. Search engine optimization is a form of business that constantly evolves. New technologies, tweaks to […]

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A Guide to Employee Motivation

As a business owner, staying on task and ahead of schedule will directly determine whether your company will sink or swim. One of the biggest problems within companies today is small inconsistencies that turn into large problems in the future. Once they get to that point they are even harder […]

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The Science of the Profitable Exit Strategy

The Profitable Exit Strategy – Entrepreneurs are great starters by nature. Starting a business is exciting, emotionally rocky, intense and it often requires serious strategy and innovation to be successful. Exiting a business is different than starting one and for some entrepreneurs it can be challenging letting go of that […]

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Social SEO: The Next Big Thing?

Social media has changed the way people communicate with their friends, families, and customers all across the world. In fact, more than 50% of Americans use their mobile phones to access social content. This has led many to suggest that social media and local advertising may be the only effective […]

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Green Business: Now Is The Time To Go Green

The planet is getting a tiny bit cleaner as more businesses start to incorporate “going green” into their systems. Environmentalists and share holders are putting more and more pressure on companies to do so because as time goes on more and more people value a green business. But Mother Earth isn’t […]

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Winning with Small Business Data

Despite all the talk about major corporations these days, it is still small businesses that ultimately make or break the economy. Responsible for creating numerous jobs and delivering goods and services to every facet of society, small businesses everywhere deal with a variety of issues each day. For any business […]

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The Role of the IT Department in a Small Business

Not long ago, the marketing department was the key driver of business growth. But in today’s digital world—a world immersed in information and transformed by technology—traditional marketing is giving way to data driven marketing. The result of this marriage of technology and marketing is that companies looking to boost profits […]

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Cool Ways To Use Big Data

The human race has come a long way since the introduction of computers like the Commodore 64. The days when 64 kilobytes of data seemed like a lot of information are long gone. Man has surpassed the megabyte, the gigabyte, pushed past the tera byte, and even the Petabyte is […]

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