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B2B Buyer Market Mapping

The following market mapping questions can help a supplier better understand how buyers see and rank the solutions and provider brands in their market.

  • What two key buying appraisal criteria would be commonly used to consider whether a possible provider / suppliers product meets the buying company’s key business objective(s), need(s) and requirement(s)?
  • How would you ‘map’ the main suppliers/ providers onto this (above) market map? Who are the companies/products and where are they on the map?
  • Who would you regard as the ‘innovators’ amongst the companies?
  • What other provider/product characteristics are very important to a buying company?
  • What would be an ‘ideal’ (but realisable) supplier product (or product functionality set) ‘solution’ to the buyer company’s needs? Are there any individual providers near this or any grouping of providers?
  • What would be an ‘ideal’ supplier provider and product?


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