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Baked With Love At “I BELIEVE” in CHQ

As part of “I believe“, Ulster Bank has given a stand to their clients to sample the Christmas atmosphere, sell and make the public aware of their offerings.

Over the next weeks you can visit them at the Food and Craft market. On Friday 4 December, it is the turn of Baked with Love.

Baked with Love

Baked With Love is a family run bakery based in Monaghan town. The company supplies to the retail a wide range of  premium breads, pastry and mini cakes with modern flavours and designs that have a perfect balance of rich flavours and sweet satisfaction. The diverse product  range  is build  around Convenience, Premium, Health & Wellness.  Bramley Apple Twist- Snack With A Twist and Three Bite Cakes are absolute hits among consumers and they love so much the unique combination of flavours and the intricate design of the products that are great for eating on-the-go.

Visit them at the fair or visit their website. You can follow them on twitter as well @bakedwithloveie