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Belfast’s accounting software firm prove that accounts are not always boring

Whoever said accounts were boring.  Well in the city of Belfast online accounting provider Fusion Accounts are busy preparing for the Wacky Rally.

I hear you asking, what is ‘Wacky Rally’.  Well Wacky Rally is a banger rally like no other where people of all ages, from all walks of life, with a sense of adventure (and humor) come together and take on a fun and exciting challenge. As part of the rally plans Fusion Accounts have decided to make this a worthy cause and support this year’s 25th anniversary of the Northern Ireland Hospice by fundraising.  Their target is to donate £2000 to the Northern Ireland children hospice.

You can help them this great cause by visiting here.

The banger rally

The concept of the banger rally is simple entrants have to buy a car worth £250 or less, make it worthy of a wacky rally and then drive to a distant city with other like minded people and enjoy a well deserved party at the end.  Fusion Accounts will be taking part in the Barmy to Barcelona rally which takes places from the 16th – 19th July 2010. This rally takes in the amazing Swiss Alps, rolling hills of Italy, French Riviera and the Spanish Catalan capital.

For our intrepid adventurers the task is made even more challenging by the two day Journey just to reach the start line!  However, having purchased a 1993 Mercedes 300D for £230, the team feel confident.
“Mercedes have a very good reputation for reliability” said John McCann, one of the Co Drivers.  “The fact that we fitted a new air filter should breathe a new lease of life into the engine, which, after all, has only just over 200,000 miles”.

Sold As Scrap

Martin Samm added – “the whole car seems to shake like a washing machine which is a good thing – we may have to drive long into the night and we don’t want to be falling asleep. The previous owner seemed a little concerned when asked for a receipt. Stuart McLean, the other driver, explained.

“We needed a receipt to prove the purchase price as we knew the rally organisers might doubt that such a magnificent vehicle could be obtained for such a low price.  However, the seller eventually agreed, and to underline his confidence in the car wrote ‘Sold As Scrap’ across it.  This is a pity as I think we may have been able to get some compensation for the indicators which stopped working on our first test run yesterday.  A lot of warning lights also seem to be stuck on but hopefully they’re not too important.”

You can follow the journey across Europe on twitter@FusionAccounts and by checking the latest blog entries here.

Fusion’s journey to success:

Day 1 – Belfast to Hull.  Catching the early ferry from Belfast to Cairnryan and then drive down through Scotland and across England to Hull to catch the overnight crossing to Zeebrugge.
Day 2 – A short jaunt from Zeebrugge to Lille to register with the rally.
Day 3 – Start at Lille at 9 a.m. and head to Thun, where they do five countries in one drive.
Day 4 – The second day is where the fun driving really begins, after leaving Thun they head off over the Alps, pass over the Gran St Bernard pass where their destination is Salze D’Oulx, an Italian Ski town.
Day 5 – From the centre of the mountains and stunning countryside they head off to the French Riviera over one more mountain pass. They pass by Monte Carlo and head for the Historic French city of Arles.
Day 6 – The destination after Arles is Barcelona. This is a short drive so they will make a short detour to the Costa Brava. The final party (if they can still stand at this point) and award ceremony will then be held at a sports bar on Las Rambla.

The rally team members of Fusion Accounts are confident that their success in the online accounting software market will provide them with a leading edge in the wacky rally and are confident that they will bring home the winning trophy.

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