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Bitching, pitching, twitching, bewitching and enriching

Bitching? Well we’ve had emails giving out that we haven’t sent eZines throughout the Summer. We missed 2 weeks. 2 Weeks! And anyway we’ve been tweeting…or maybe more accurately,  learning about tweeting. Anyway, here’s a new eZine and apologies to anyone who feels that this is shortening the Summer. (What summer?)


On the subject of tweeting, the ‘you scratch I scratch’ campaign is working well. If you want more friends or followers sign up to the thread. Also join the new SMEcommunity hashtag on Twitter to connect with a community of businesspeople who are helping each other out. There’s also a dedicated group on By the way SBC has reached its limit of people that we can follow, so if there’s anyone that knows a way round this let us know on the thread.


We’ve been asked by our friends in BusinessZone to promote The Pitch. It’s a chance for Northern Irish entrepreneurs to win business support worth £50,000 and to get involved in the fourth and final heat of Britain’s biggest pitching competition for small business owners.

Founded in 2008, the contest, organised by in association with marketing solutions company Yell, gives entrepreneurs running small businesses in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland the chance to pitch to judges and win £50,000 worth of business support including a year’s free mentoring from a successful serial entrepreneur, press coverage for their company and membership of the Forum of Private Business.

The Northern Ireland heat takes place on 21 September in Belfast’s Grand Opera House .If you think you have what it takes to impress the judges visit to enter. The deadline for entries is 18 August. If you get selected, it goes without saying that the smallbusinesscan community we will give you all the help we can. We’d like an SBC member to win! There’s a Group set up here with more info.

You’ll also notice from the recent survey that Ulster bank are beginning to wind up their Business Achievers Awards. They have a group going here on entering business competitions. No doubt the advice and insights will also be relevant for entering the pitching competition above. 


Thanks to bandbidder for thanking us for getting them into the Sunday Business Post….you charmers. But you did it yourselves by having both a good idea, executing on it and also using the site to get help. Hault , an engineering firm in Ni,  has also said that SBC is a fairly good place with decent business people who help rather than criticise.  Who says that flattery doesn’t work? Watch out for this business being featured soon in the Belfast Telegraph. Shauna of Hault has been using the site in a great way over the past few months asking for advice and insights aswell as sharing her own invaluable business experiences.


Businessplus Magazine is a great friend of this site and has featured many of our members. We highly recommend its August edition if you want to see where your money is going. It has great articles on where EI funding is going. It’s also asking serious questions about the state of the ROI Government finances and shows that spend is INCREASING through 2011. So much for austerity!


Last but not least we were rightly scolded by Monique for giving a blase one liner to a very good post she made about getting rid of useless directors and minimising the damage that they can do: “We are going through the process of having to forcibly remove one of our non-executive directors. Over the past three years, he has had access to a good deal of valuable company information. He now says that he is going to join the competition and if he does it is likely that he will use all that he knows against us. Unfortunately, there was never any contract in place for his relationship with the company. Therefore, I am trying to find out if he is bound to any level of confidentiality or even non-compete solely due to the fact that he was a director of the company. I know that according to the companies act, one has to act in the best interests of the company but I think this only applies to when one is actually in office. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks . . . .   Here’s the full thread for any advice/insights. Sorry Moni…hope this makes up for it!”


Welcome back Alan. You were missed.