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BK fuels

BK fuels

Every week we feature companies that have been successful in accessing funding from Microfinance Ireland.

Microfinance Ireland provides loans to small businesses and startups in every sector up to 25,000 Euro. If you are interested in funding, check out the website

BK Fuels

Brian Kirwan applied for a loan to Microfinance Ireland at the end of 2013.

Solid fuels

BK Fuels is a wholesaler and retailer in solid fuels, such as logs, kindling and turf.


They run the business from Ballacolla, Co. Laois. They supply nationwide to shops and fuel merchants, but also to private houses.


Here is something to consider and learn from. 80% of their business is done through DoneDeal.


The business is growing week by week. Since they started and have also diversified into making his machinery available for other people to kindle their wood. You can have a look at the machinery here


If you would like to contact BK Fuels, go onto (search for BK fuels), give them a ring at 0894053745 or visit his yard in Ballacolla, Co. Laois


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