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Back to the Business Basics

In this post we look at going back to business basics; Focusing on the customer, delegating responsibility, avoiding micromanagement, setting realistic goals, corporate training and competitive analysis. Customer Service Focus Small businesses need to be focused on making sure that their customers are happy and satisfied. Each customer represents potential […]

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Internet Copyright Facts You Need to Know

Small business owners with their own websites need to be familiar with a few key points regarding copyright law. This is because, as a website owner, dealing in copyrighted materials is a key part of your business regardless of whether you realise it or not. As a result, you are […]

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Reimagining Customer Loyalty

Ask not what your loyal customers can do for you, but what you can do for your loyal customers. The difference may seem on first glance to be purely rhetorical, but if one examines further the impact that top spending customers have on businesses, the importance of letting the customer […]

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10 Tips for Effective Business Writing Skills

Business people tend to express themselves in a short, clear and effective manner. Not all of them are enthusiastic about writing lengthy grant proposals, presentations, business letters, emails, and other types of documents. Read on for some tips on effective business writing skills. The biggest reason for such disinterest in […]

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5 Common Pitfalls for Startups

Starting up a business of any sort is never likely to be easy or straightforward. In fact, the knowledge that so many startups fail within a matter of months is part of the appeal for many people in giving it a go. Here are some common pitfalls for startups. But, […]

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How to Get What You Want in 2015

So you are taking a break from work, eating all around you (well, I am anyway) and you are starting to think about the year ahead. Most small business owners find it very difficult to switch off over the Christmas season. So let’s do something productive which might help you. […]

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Tips for Your Real Time Bidding Campaign

RTB was introduced for the first time in 2009 and since then has served the advertisement industry by smoothening the buying of ad space and eliminating the problem during the times when impressions were rendered useless. The ad exchange works in a similar manner as stock exchange where various advertisers […]

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