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Understanding Why Psychometric Tests Are Used By Employers During The Interview Stage

There is a growing number of companies that now use psychometric tests during their interview process, together with analyzing cover letters, transcripts resumes and face-to-face interviews. Corporations have been using these tests for a long time in order to identify personality and aptitude traits for potential candidates and figure out if they will be a great fit for the company. Regular Tests Versus Psychometric Tests In regular tests, whenever you […]

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Featuring Fiona Kingston, Ulster Bank

We have been working with Ulster Bank for 6 years now. It has always struck us that the perception of bankers from the outside, does not correspond with our experiences. In fact Ulster Bank is filled with cool dudes and dudes, who have a very interesting stories to tell. Programme director of Business Women Can So we decided to put them on video. Here is the next in our series, […]

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WebAngel Web Hosting Platforms and Services

VPS Hosting WebAngel is the leading hosting company in Ireland and we have a wide range of advanced applications that will address all your IT problems. We offer all-inclusive Virtual Server Services for small and medium businesses. Our servers use XEN, which is one of the best virtualization platform worldwide. Businesses require different resources at different stages. With our virtual servers, you can easily scale up your system whenever you […]

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Tips and Tricks to Make a Promotional Video

Getting on the top page of a Google search is tough. There are generally two elements to getting someone on to your page – get them to click on to the page, and then keep them there. Where regular new and good copy on your blog is widely recognised as a good way of getting Google to rank your page further enough up a search ranking to get someone to […]

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How Software Product Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Startup

Outsourcing is the order of the day. More and more companies are opting to outsource certain areas of their business’s functions. For the uninitiated, outsourcing is simply the process of obtaining a service or goods by contract from an outside supplier. In this post, we will take a look at the benefits of software product outsourcing specifically. Read on to discover why it is a good idea for start-ups to […]

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Is Your Small Business Prepared for The International Market?

Expanding your business operations outside the country can improve profits and brand exposure immensely. But taking on a macro-scale leap also holds new challenges that may present road bumps to your projected business path. Small businesses, given their limited working capital, must factor in all possibilities prior going global. Is Your Working Capital Enough? To expand, a business must have money for both existing operations and expansion. It should be […]

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Moving offices? Here’s 5 Ways to Make Your Move Less Stressful

Are you moving offices and feeling a bit daunted by the big move? Relocating office can be a challenging time for any business and its staff, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are five ways to make your move less stressful and hopefully, help you focus on the positives aspects of moving to a new office. 1. Plan, plan, plan The key to any successful office move is planning […]

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Preparing for Christmas with Ulster Bank Business Women Can

The aim of the Ulster Bank Business Women Can network is to enable, connect and support female entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our event on 3rd December did just that, bringing together a wide range of business women to network with each other and learn from the personal experiences of four very successful NI female business leaders. The evening also had a focus on supporting local businesses, with a range of […]

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Ulster Bank Continues Support for Women in Business

Sharing experiences and insights can help businesswomen overcome some of the challenges faced when starting, running or managing a business. That was the message to female business leaders and entrepreneurs at an Ulster Bank Business Women Can event held in Belfast. More than 60 local businesswomen gathered at the bank’s Belfast headquarters for the event, which heard from leading local entrepreneurs, and saw local businesses showcase their wares in a […]

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The Role of the IT Department in a Small Business

Not long ago, the marketing department was the key driver of business growth. But in today’s digital world—a world immersed in information and transformed by technology—traditional marketing is giving way to data driven marketing. The result of this marriage of technology and marketing is that companies looking to boost profits and gain competitive advantage need to understand the critical role that the IT department now plays in helping to drive […]

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Tech in Business: 4 Major Gamechangers and How to Cope

The digital and computer revolution has left the 21st century truly a brave new world. Social interaction has taken on new meanings and dimensions through online gaming, mass communications and the social media craze. Technology has made learning, shopping and interacting with the entire world a daily thing for most inhabitants of the planet. While businesses were smart to get in on the use of advanced computing in the office, […]

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What is Your Small Business Missing for Growth and Longevity?

Forbes cites some pretty dismal statistics for the growth and longevity of small businesses, with only half of them still operating five years from opening and a third closing their doors after ten. Still, these small businesses have generated 65% of new jobs and employment revenue since 1995. So, how can the little guy (and gal) remain profitable, continue to grow and stay in business long-term? Are there any services […]

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Getting to Know Your Website Visitors Better

In Google Analytics, the Demographics and Interest sections include Overview reports, along with Age, Gender, and Interest Categories reports. Insight you can gather from Google Analytics’s Demographics and Interest sections are your customers gender & age makeup what interest your customers (movie buffs, music lovers, entertainment news junkies, cooking enthusiasts) what customers looking to buy. In others words, what are they in the market for (travel, financial services, electronics, apparel) The […]

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Paid Search Marketing 101 for Startups

The main type of paid search marketing suitable for startups is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google and Bing, using Google AdWords and Bing Ads. The process is pretty simple: Do keyword research to select keywords that search engine users would use to find your products or services. Create ads that display on Google and Bing when search engine users conduct searches for those keywords. Bid on those keywords when a […]

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Crowdfunding for Nonprofits: A Few Helpful Tips before You Begin

Nonprofit crowdfunding is increasing in popularity by the day. And why wouldn’t it? With the help of the Internet, raising money for a project or making people aware about a cause has become so simple. However, making a nonprofit crowdfunding campaign successful isn’t as easy as it sounds. One needs to understand the fundamentals of nonprofit crowdfunding before starting a campaign. There are also several things that go into planning […]

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live laugh

Speech and drama, live, laugh, learn

Every week we feature companies that have been successful in accessing funding from Microfinance Ireland. Microfinance Ireland provides loans to small businesses and startups in every sector up to 25,000 Euro. If you are interested in funding, check out the website Live, Laugh, Learn Live, Laugh, Learn are speech and drama specialists who applied at the end of 2013 for a loan, here’s their story: Speech and Drama Speech […]

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EyeSeeGames: Educational Spelling Solution

EyeSeeGames are a games development business focused on the development and design of innovative educational games that train the visual (stored) memory. The games are primarily designed for fun, encouraging students to engage in creative and lateral thinking. By using the games students and adults will increase their visual acuity, letter recognition, spelling and vocabulary. Currently EyeSeeGames are concentrating on the launch and commercialisation of the Dyce educational spelling solution […]

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Creating Apps to Market Products

The market for mobile applications is saturated, and it’s rare nowadays for a new app to make much money in and of itself. However, that doesn’t mean that your business should avoid creating apps. To the contrary, apps are among the most powerful and affordable marketing tools currently in existence. Indeed, your company stands to greatly increase its revenue if your apps effectively establish your brand and showcase your products. […]

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How to Market a Nonprofit Organization

Many nonprofits struggle with the question of whether they should engage in extensive online marketing, asking themselves whether it might be too commercial for their missions. But the fact is that without proper marketing strategy, your campaigns most probably wouldn`t receive enough donations and would fail to serve your community as effectively as possible. Smart marketing endeavors allow your organisation to convince the public to buckle up, sign the petition, […]

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Veronica’s snacks; the good crisp crusaders

Every week we feature companies that have been successful in accessing funding from Microfinance Ireland. Microfinance Ireland provides loans to small businesses and start-ups in every sector up to 25,000 Euro. If you are interested in funding, check out the website Veronica’s snacks Veronica’s snacks manufacture and sell innovative, high quality, organic, gluten-free, low fat snacks. (Cr)Snacking story They started their business in 2012 and by 2013 they were […]

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