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Start-Up Story: Linked Finance

Our business is Linked Finance; we facilitate loans to Irish small/medium sized businesses by a new method in Ireland, called ‘Crowd Funding’ . We help ‘the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker’ :-). We built the technology in 2012 and launched the business in March 2013 (yes, we are just over our 1st Birthday). We were 3 guys who knew each other from having our own small businesses […]

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Start-Up Story: Invotech

The company founder Peter O’Neill started Invotech in 1999 by developing and coding the software in a back bedroom of his house! In the early days he managed every business function from development to accounts and sales. Previous roles as a software developer. and in accountancy helped greatly providing Peter with a wide skill set to allow him achieve success at every aspect of this new business. Today Peter steers […]

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10 Innovative Employee Engagement Techniques

According to a recent survey by HR experts Aon Hewitt, 40% of employees are ‘not engaged’ in the workplace. Worryingly, there is also a significant 20% that are ‘actively disengaged’. Here are 10 innovative techniques to actively improve employee engagement. 1. Recruitment Be honest from the start and don’t promise more than you can deliver. Skilled employees want to be challenged. Set clear goals and expectations, instigate career development programmes […]

Continue Reading 2 – How Hiring Helps Your Business invite you and your business to become a part of the solution to Ireland’s biggest problem. We have all spent a lot of time over the last few years cutting costs and scraping by to just survive. But we aren’t in business to survive, we are in business to succeed. In fact, we want to thrive. Hiring someone sends a message to your customers that you can do more for them. […]

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Breaking Barriers – InBusiness Interview with Business Women Can Programme Director Fiona Kingston

The Ulster Bank’s Businesswomen Can programme aims to help female entrepreneurs in Ireland overcome the barriers they may encounter in the business world. We spoke with Fiona Kingston, programme Director, to discover more. Business Women Can was originally launched in October 2012 – Ulster Bank’s parent company, Royal Bank of Scotland, had been running a similar programme for five or six years previous, having seen the merit in supporting women […]

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Micro Financing as an Alternative to the Banks for Irish SMEs!

It’s important to remember that Irish SME businesses have many alternatives to the banks at the moment to finance their growth and expansion. I want to mention 2 alternatives at the moment that are making a difference! For start up businesses there is the ability to get up to 25k through Micro Finance Ireland. You apply for this through your local enterprise board Last year Micro Finance Ireland helped over […]

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How to Deal with a Negative Employee in the Workplace

Negative employees or general negativity in the workplace can have a substantially adverse effect on the business, especially when the negativity spreads throughout the workforce. The negativity can lead to a widespread feeling of discontent which can damage morale, job satisfaction and disrupt staff. All of this can lead to reduced productivity, efficiency and ultimately profitability as employees lose energy and focus on their performance and work. Therefore, it is […]

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10 Famous Digital Marketing Campaigns

Successful digital marketing campaigns don’t just sell a product, they sell a brand identity. In the competitive world of B2B digital marketing, content not only needs to be useful, entertaining and full of personality, it needs to be a little bit different. And being ‘different’ isn’t as simple as finding an outlandish gimmick that will shock or amuse. As a digital marketing executive, you need to consider the habits and […]

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Supports for Start Ups, Emerging and Growing Businesses

Over the last 7 years, Smallbusinesscan has tried to provide a grounded, grassroots, community based support for businesspeople in Ireland, North and South. You’ve rallied to the cause of helping each other through those troubling times. But the times are changing. You’re leading us out of recession. You’re talking and doing growth. Smallbusinesscan needs to keep up so we’re growing with you and trying to put in even more supports […]

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How Can You Spot an Obstructive Colleague at Work?

In the office, it’s likely that most people will get on with their jobs and with each other. This will make for a great working environment, but there might be an obstructive colleague or two undermining that sense of harmony. Known as the ‘workplace can’t’, they are seen as obstructive, unreasonable and downright rude to their colleagues for so many reasons, fathomable and unfathomable. Although these people are thankfully rare […]

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Start-Up Story: Dunrunnin

My name is Barry Palmer and in the last few years I have started a specialist VW Camper hire company in Enniskillen called Dunrunnin ltd. I have always had a passion for things that were different and always wanted to do something other than my 9-5 job but of course it had to be flexible and, more so, it had to be enjoyable. Starting Dunrunnin To start I completed the […]

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How to Get Your YouTube Videos Noticed

YouTube is the most successful video sharing site today with staggering 33 million unique viewers in the UK alone (that’s about half the population). It’s not surprising then that YouTube is a hugely competitive market place that many brands are still struggling to exploit. In this post I’ll gove you a few pointers on how to get your YouTube videos noticed. One of the main problems brands face with YouTube […]

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[Events] FREE Workshop – Using Social Media to Grow your Business

The world of social media can be a daunting and confusing one for small businesses. This workshop will provide an overview of the social landscape, show you how to select the correct platform for your business and engage with them in a way that makes a meaningful impact on your business. Social Media – What Will I Learn? How to create a Social Presence i.e. setting up a Facebook Page […]

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Start-Up Story: North West Business Services NI

North West Business Services NI, based in the outskirts Claudy, Co.Derry/Londonderry, is a virtual office project that was launched in December 2012 by the Rural Area Partnership In Derry (RAPID). The project, which is a social enterprise, has been funded by the Rural Development Programme for two years and will be sustained after the funding period by any profit generated by the business. As a result of the economic downturn, […]

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Preparing for Mobile eCommerce: How to Take Advantage of the Coming Boom

Ecommerce has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. Desktop sites have been at the forefront of this wave, which has seen over 10% of all retail spending take place on the net. However, with the growth in popularity of shopping with both smartphones and tablets, an increasing number of businesses are seeking to develop mobile shops. Mobile ecommerce is already in place for some of the world’s […]

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