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It has been said, again and again. The unsung heroes of the economy are the owner managers and entrepreneurs. They represent nearly 70% of the Irish economy. Our importance will increase as we become less dependent on foreign direct investment

There is no greater public service now

To paraphrase Sean Gallagher: If you want to do something for your country, start or grow your business and create one or two jobs. It is part of your contribution to public service.

Entrepreneurship as a public service, is that a contradiction in terms or maybe not?

Me thinks Sean is right. If every company in Ireland (of which there are 250,000) create one more job, our unemployment problem would be solved.

Key ingredients

The key ingredients to business success are passion, networking, marketing and know-how. On 20 October you have an opportunity to hear from people with proven track records in business, sharing their learning.

Sean has said it, Brody has done it, Norah, Gavin, Niall, Ron (and Fionan), John, and Bobby are doing it. Not sure about Kevin. I think he keeps us straight.

Shared learning and bringing business people together is what Smallbusinesscan is about too and we are delighted to be asked to be part of the Out on your own conference.

Go to and book your place. Hope to see you there.