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Booze, seven leprechauns, gravy trains and nights out

Did you know 4 of Top 5 NI Businesses are SBC members? Boozeberries,  a premium artisan liqueur producer (it infuses the liqueur with wild berries), won the NI heat of the prestigious UK business competition, The Pitch. Like any good politician, whether we deserve to or not, Smallbusinesscan is forcing itself into the ‘picture’. Boozeberries is a smallbusinesscan member (come to think of it so are 3 of the other top 5). And as-well as the obvious  benefits that have accrued from entering and winning The Pitch – elucidating the businesses story, having the business model challenged, getting a lot of interest by influential business people, practice in ‘selling’ the business and lots of publicity…we’re also going to do our bit to push the Boozeberries story…we will blog and tweet and promote and might even get it more coverage in the National papers (we have to look after our own don’t we?)…

Hopefully Boozeberries will go on and do well in the UK Finals…we’ll give as much help as we can.

And more Business Achievers

Maybe Boozeberries (what a great name!) will also consider entering the Ulster Bank Business Achiever Awards (BAA). Its opening up again for 2012 entrants. The people behind this have polled SBC members and taken our views on-board with broader categories and a more refined application process. We believe this competition is probably the most suitable and most high profile national competition for SMEs – what? who said that?……OF COURSE WE’RE BIASED!!! But it is! We know the people behind the scenes and we see the effort that goes in regionally and nationally that leads to this showcase event every year

We have a group here that we are starting to re-energise – its dedicated to information on business competitions – benefits of entering, how to enter, what to say…..Join it and you’ll get regular updates about BAA – and to be fair, other great competitions that are out there!

Register for the Business Achievers awards here

There’s also a dedicated BAA site here. Go to get more details on the Competition and register. You’ll also find the application form. It’ll take no more than 50-60 minutes to fill it it. We promise that even the process of filling it in will make you think about your business model. If you need any help – about filling in the application or if it throws up a business challenge, come back into smallbusinesscan and let us see if we can help.

National road show gathering steam has been inundated with offers to help with the Business Live programme we’re organising. This is going to be a national road show for SMEs who have or are looking to transform their businesses by finding new markets and opportunities. The emphasis will be on finding new markets abroad, but feedback from you lot has already told us that we should also have stories about businesses that have diversified or even re-purposed what they’re doing for another sector. Who are we to question you?

We have 14 venues and dates confirmed and they’ll go up on the site next week. This gives us 4X14 panel opportunities (what’s that 56?)…..that’s 56 businesses that can share their experiences and insights with the rest of us on how they are breaking into new markets and transforming their businesses. If you have a story that you want to share…and lets be honest about this – if you also want to be part of a regional and national promotion campaign that will ensue – let know.

A Good Night Out

PS if you want to meet some great business people and have a bit of fun, some famous (infamous) SBC members are having an unofficial get together tonight in the centre of Dublin. (Disclaimer: This or its consequences has nothing whatsoever to do with!)

PPS look out for the new Irish blockbuster version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – the sequel….Its called Caitlín Ní hUallacháin and the seven leprechauns – the Gravy Train continues!