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Boozeberries about “The Pitch”

Boozeberry talking about The Pitch.

Another member of Smallbusinesscan helped Barbara to pitch for the final (Andrew Keogh of Aristo)

This is from Barbara:

5 things I learned from Andrew.

  1. Plan the key points you want to make
  2. Think about what you want to say but don’t script. This allows you to talk more naturally and with more passion and belief in your message.
  3. Make sure you capture the audience in 1st 15 seconds with something that makes them want to listen
  4. Tell them what’s in it for them.
  5. Its only a conversation with a group of people.

Andrew is very relaxed and makes it very easy to understand what needs to be done. He is very good at putting the nerves at bay and presenting with confidence.

I’ve pitched several times since my 1 day session with Andrew and have not only surprised myself but been really proud that with a little planning and a can do attitude that I’ve done my self and my business proud.

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