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Boring Pubs

Back home, pub owners continue to complain about the fall in trade blaming everything from attractive retail pricing, to the smoking ban, to the recession. They would do well to heed Kenny Jacob’s advice that you have to win the head before you win the heart in these price conscious days.

That does not mean offering some dodgy beer at a cheap price for a week or two. Nor does it mean chucking a processed burger on a plate with some frozen fries and calling it a special.

Most pubs seem to have decided that the only customers worth pursuing are men who like watching sport. Finding a quiet place to do the crossword, read the paper or have a chat with a friend is like trying to find a tooth in a hen. What do women want from pubs? Why is a pub still a pub? Why is that if you go into most pubs during the day you know you are in place that has been set up to sell booze between the hours of 7pm and midnight?


Listen to the customers

Instead of canvassing their members and presenting their views as research, the Vintners would be well advised to do some proper listening to their customers other than the guys roaring on some second division football team as people of all other demographics and interests turn tail and run out the door. Rant over. I need a drink.

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