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Building customer confidence through transparency & authenticity

Domino’s store in Seattle has recently introduced a “pizza theatre” where customers can come in and watch their carry-out orders being made.  Accordingly to Domino’s Chief Executive, Patrick Doyle, “Consumers want to see what they’re eating. We’ve always been known as delivery experts, but a third or more of our orders now are for carryout. We’re proud of these pizzas, and we want people to see it.”

Also in the US, the website provides a list of the Top Ten reasons that restaurants can benefit from buying local foods  and confirms that local foods are increasing their presence on menus right across the out-of home market, from sandwich shops to fine dining.

According to a survey carried out by the Irish Foodservice Alliance in advance of CATEX 2013, a total of 54% of Irish hospitality businesses stated that they have increased the amount of Irish produce purchased in the last twelve months.

These examples mirror the key messages included in Keeping it Real – one of the six global consumer lifestyle trends identified by Bord Bia.  Food manufacturers and foodservice operators alike are tapping into the growing consumer demand for “products and brands that are real, authentic and honest”.  Locality and seasonality are becoming increasingly important and transparency is critical to building customer confidence.

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